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  • July 22,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: DIY City: How Small Actions Can Solve Big Problems

    Cities and metropolitan areas around the world face immense challenges today. In a new posthumous book, renowned urban planner Hank Dittmar makes the case for individual initiatives and interventions rather than grand plans, which he contends are often the problem. The lessons in the book come...

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  • July 23,2020

    Webinar: State of the Industry: Freight Rail in 2020

    The impact of COVID-19 on consumer-facing industries, like aviation or retail, has received great coverage in the press and in the public consciousness. Less-publicized — but still significant — are the impacts the virus and the subsequent economic shutdowns have had on business-to-business...

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Upcoming Webinars

  • July 29,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: Opportunities to Consider in Paratransit Operations

  • August 04,2020

    Webinar: Transit Innovation in the Time of COVID

  • August 11,2020

    Webinar: The Role of Transportation in Improving America’s Health

  • August 18,2020

    Webinar: Congestion Pricing’s Role in Building More Equitable Transportation Systems

  • August 20,2020

    Webinar: Best Practices for Incorporating Equity into Performance-Based Processes

Past Webinars

  • July 14,2020

    Webinar: Automated Vehicle Technology, Public Policy, and BMW’s Level 3 AV System

  • July 09,2020

    Webinar: Why Transit Agencies Need the Public to Take Ownership of the Transit Experience

  • July 01,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: More Than Meets the Eye: Density and Transportation During COVID-19

  • June 30,2020

    Webinar: Empowering a Resilient Transit Workforce

  • June 24,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: Behavioral Science 101: How Human Decision-Making Will Affect the Post-COVID World

  • June 23,2020

    Webinar: Mobility Innovations: Rethinking Transit During and After COVID-19


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