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FY 1982 Reagan Transportation Budget Details

February 03,2015 Few budget amendments have been broader in their scope than the ones submitted by Ronald Reagan in March and April 1981 for the fiscal year 1982 budget. Of particular note are the proposed aviation...
Historical Documents

1915 Coast Guard Origination Statute

January 28,2015 Wednesday, January 28, is the 100th anniversary of President Wilson's signing of the law that created the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard Act combined two existing services: the Revenue Cutter Service...
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1915 Report of the Joint Committee on Federal Aid to Good Roads

January 21,2015 On January 21, 1915, the Congressional Joint Committee on Federal Aid in the Construction of Post Roads issued its final report to Congress. The report of the Joint Committee represented, by far, the...
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1966 (July) Alan Boyd Article in Eno Traffic Quarterly

July 02,1966 Article from the July 1966 issue of the Eno Foundation's Traffic Quarterly by Under Secretary of Commerce for Transportation Alan Boyd advocating the Johnson Administration's proposal for the...
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