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1978 White House Strategy Memo on Trucking and Rail Deregulation Proposals

May 13,2015 Briefing papers given to President Carter in anticipation of his December 11, 1978 meeting with Transportation Secretary Brock Adams where the two would decide on a general strategy for pursuit of...
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1975 White House Freight Rail Assistance Decision Memo

May 08,2015 Briefing papers prepared for President Ford in advance of an April 1975 meeting to discuss what kind of freight railroad rescue package to request from Congress. The legislation eventually became the...
Historical Documents

1969 Oral History Interview With Charles Zwick RE: Creation of USDOT

April 21,2015 Oral history given by former OMB Deputy Director Charles Zwick, who played an integral role in the creation of the Department of Transportation.
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1982 White House Federalism Initiative – Jan. 25 Draft

April 16,2015 Internal White House summary of a proposed "New Federalism" initiative for President Reagan, dated January 1982, which would have turned back significant highway and mass transit spending (and their...
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1977 President Carter Handwritten Note to Sec. Adams Opposing New Subway Systems

March 24,2015 President Carter's March 1977 handwritten note to new Transportation Secretary Brock Adams explaining why the President thought most new subway systems were a bad idea.
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1962 Sorensen Memo to JFK on Draft Transportation Message to Congress

March 16,2015 A memo to President Kennedy from his senior advisor Ted Sorensen written on March 16, 1962, as the Administration was working on the text of the transportation message to Congress that the President...
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1972 Highway Bill “No Bill” Strategy Memo

March 12,2015 In October 1972, House and Senate negotiations over the biannual highway bill were breaking down over the issue of whether or not the Highway Trust Fund should be opened up to fund mass transit...
Federal Legislation,Historical Documents

1978 President Carter Meeting on Airline Deregulation Bill

March 03,2015 This week’s ETW Document of the Week is a Carter Administration memo preparing the President for a meeting with the chairmen of the House and Senate transportation committees, Rep. Harold...
Historical Documents

Creation of the Amtrak Route Map

February 24,2015 This week’s ETW Document of the Week is an exchange of memoranda from late 1970 and early 1971 between the Nixon White House, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Department of...
Historical Documents

1956 AASHO Letter to Senator Byrd

February 19,2015 This week’s ETW Document of the Week is a letter sent from Rex Whitton, the head of the American Association of State Highway Officials, to the chairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, Harry...
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