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December 1960 White Paper on Coordination of Federal Metropolitan Area Development Activities

September 02,2020 This is a PDF file of a December 19, 1960 paper entitled "Coordination of Federal Metropolitan Area Development Activities" produced by the White House's ad hoc Interagency Committee on Metropolitan...
Historical Documents

Minutes of the Eisenhower Administration Ad Hoc Committee on Metropolitan Problems, 1957-1960

September 02,2020 This is a 24-page PDF file containing the minutes of the four meetings of the Eisenhower Administration's ad hoc Interagency Committee on Metropolitan Area Problems, which existed from 1957-1960. 
Historical Documents

July 7, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on Airline Finances

September 02,2020 This is a PDF file containing records of the July 7, 1958 Cabinet meeting at which the finances of U.S. airlines, and their need to get additional financing to convert piston-engine planes to jets,...
Historical Documents

June 6, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on FAA Creation

September 02,2020 This PDF file contains records of the June 6, 1958 Cabinet meeting at which the decision was made to ask Congress to create a new Federal Aviation Agency.
Historical Documents

1955 “Weeks Report” – Revision of Federal Transportation Policy

August 31,2020 This is the version of the "Weeks Report" of the President's Advisory Committee on Transport Policy and Organization, as released to the press on April 18, 1955.
Historical Documents

Cabinet Meeting of January 28, 1955

August 31,2020 This 12-page PDF document contains items relating to the Cabinet Meeting of January 28, 1955, which considered a draft Special Transportation Message to Congress from President Eisenhower.
Historical Documents

December 1954 Cabinet Meeting on Railroad Policy

August 30,2020 This is a 39-page PDF file relating to the Cabinet meeting of December 17, 1954 where the initial draft of the "Weeks Report" (the report of the Cabinet Committee on Transport Policy and...
Historical Documents

January 1950 BoB Transportation Reorganization Memo

August 27,2020 This is a PDF of a Bureau of the Budget internal memorandum dated January 3, 1950 entitled "Reorganization of Federal Transportation Activities." Though this copy is unsigned, earlier drafts indicate...
Historical Documents

July 1949 Exchange of Letters Between Hoover and Truman

August 27,2020 This PDF file is an exchange of letters between former President Herbert Hoover and President Harry S. Truman in July 1949. 
Historical Documents

1960 White House Consideration of Federal Transportation Policy and Program Report

August 25,2020 Documents showing how the White House analyzed and edited the Commerce Department's 1960 report "Federal Transportation Policy and Program."
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