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January 24, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on Highways

August 17,2019 This is a PDF of the White House records of a Cabinet meeting held by President Eisenhower on January 24, 1958 that discussed Byrd Test funding delays and escalating cost estimates in the Interstate...
Historical Documents

Byrd Amendment to Highway Revenue Act of 1956

August 17,2019 This is the actual "Byrd Test" amendment offered by Sen. Harry Byrd at the Senate Finance Committee markup of the Highway Revenue Act of 1956 on May 22, 1956. Reproduced from the original in the...
Historical Documents

1969 FHWA History and Analysis of Highway Apportionment Factors

August 16,2019 This is a June 1969 internal Federal Highway Administration study written by Alan R. Kooney of the Policy Planning Division that may be the best history ever written of how apportionment formulas for...
Historical Documents

1959 Federal-Aid Highway Act – White House Enrolled Bill File

August 12,2019 This is a 42-page page PDF of the Eisenhower White House's "enrolled bill file" on H.R. 8678, the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1959, prepared by the Executive Clerk in cooperation of the Bureau of the...
Historical Documents

August 7 1969 White House Press Briefing on Mass Transit Bill

July 11,2019 This is the transcript of an August 7, 1969 White House press briefing by Under Secretary of Transportation James Beggs, UMTA Administrator Carlos Villarreal, and White House urban policy adviser Pat...
Historical Documents

July 1969 Cabinet Subcommittee Mass Transit Paper

July 11,2019 This is a formal report of the Subcommittee on Transportation of the Cabinet Council on Urban Affairs in July 1969 on the Nixon Administration's public transportation proposal.
Historical Documents

July 1969 Cherington Memo Advocating Federal Auto Registration Fee

July 11,2019 This is a July 10, 1969 memo from Assistant Transportation Secretary Paul Cherington to Secretary Volpe advocating that a federal excise tax on privately owned automobiles registered in urban areas...
Historical Documents

July 3 1969 DOT Transit Bill Options Memo

July 11,2019 This is a July 3, 1969 DOT memo relating the results of an internal July 2 meeting to discuss spending and revenue options for the mass transit bill.
Historical Documents

June 30 1969 UMTA Status Memo on Mass Transit Bill

July 11,2019 This is a June 30, 1969 memo from Urban Mass Transit Administration staff outlining decisions made on the mass transit bill at a high-level June 25 meeting between Transportation Secretary Volpe and...
Historical Documents

May 1, 1969 DOT Decision Memo on Mass Transit Bill

July 11,2019 This is a May 1, 1969 memo to Transportation Secretary Volpe outlining the revisions he had ordered in the draft mass transit bill on April 25 and asking for approval of the revised legislation.
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