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September 1959 Highway Trust Fund Bailout Announcement

September 09,2019 This is a White House press release dated September 9, 1959 announcing that President Eisenhower had just requested the first-ever bailout of the Highway Trust Fund from general revenues – a $359...
Historical Documents

October 1959 Highway Contract Control Order

September 09,2019 The documents from the Commerce Department and the Bureau of Public Roads ordering the first-ever limitations on the ability of states to obligate their highway contract authority, in October 1959.
Historical Documents

Stakeholder Quotes from 1959 House Gas Tax Hearings

September 07,2019 The House Ways and Means Committee held three days of hearings in July 1959 on President Eisenhower's proposed 1.5 cent gasoline and diesel tax increase, requested in order to keep the Highway Trust...
Historical Documents

1959 Eisenhower Administration Proposed Motor Fuel Increase Legislation

September 05,2019 This is the transmission from the Commerce Department on April 3, 1959 of the Eisenhower Administration's proposed legislation increasing motor fuels excise taxes and also transferring tax receipts...
Historical Documents

December 1, 1958 White House Budget Recommendation for Gas Tax Increase

September 05,2019 This is a memo dated December 1, 1958 within the White House Bureau of the Budget outlining the Bureau's recommendation to increase federal gasoline and diesel excise taxes by 50 percent (from 3.0...
Historical Documents

1959 Highway Trust Fund Revenue Bonding Proposal

September 02,2019 This is a PDF file containing documents relating to the 1959 proposal to finance a shortfall in Highway Trust Fund revenues by the issuance of special revenue bonds, outside the regular Treasury...
Historical Documents

April 15, 1958 White House Meeting with Legislative Leaders on the Highway Bill

August 21,2019 This is a PDF of the notes taken by the White House assistant staff secretary on the April 15, 1958 regular White House meeting with Republican Congressional leaders. Topics included the possible...
Historical Documents

March 4, 1958 White House Meeting with Legislative Leaders on Highways

August 18,2019 These are notes taken by the White House Assistant Staff Secretary of the regular weekly White House meeting between the President, his senior staff, and the Republican leadership of Congress on...
Historical Documents

1958 Eisenhower Draft Bill Nullifying the Byrd Test

August 18,2019 This is a draft bill sent by the Commerce Department to the Bureau of the Budget for legislative clearance on March 6, 1958 (together with draft cover letter to Congress) to waive application of the...
Historical Documents

January 24, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on Highways

August 17,2019 This is a PDF of the White House records of a Cabinet meeting held by President Eisenhower on January 24, 1958 that discussed Byrd Test funding delays and escalating cost estimates in the Interstate...
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