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In 2015, Eno set out to digitize our collection of thousands of historical transportation documents. When complete, the Eno Transportation Library will be an archive of more than 100 years of federal transportation policy history. Eno Members have full access to search and explore our growing archive.

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Recently Added Materials

FY 2018 BUILD Grant List
This document is a six-page PDF list of the fiscal 2018 BUILD grant recipients announced by USDOT on December 11, 2018 in alphabetical order (by state) with the project name, sponsor, grant amount, total project cost, BUILD share, description, and urban/rural classification.
Cumulative BUILD (TIGER) Awards FY 2009-2018
This is a PDF file showing how much total grant money under the TIGER program (FY 2009-2016) and the BUILD grant program (FY 2017-2018) each state received. The first page shows total dollar amounts and the second page shows each year's share of total grant funding under the program.
Comparative Print of Dec. 3, 2018 Version of AV START Act
This is a comparative print (known within Congress as a "Ramseyer Rule Print") of S. 1855, the AV START Act. We took the text of S. 1855 as reported from the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee last year and then illustrated every change made in that base text by the new staff discussion draft released on December 3, 2018.
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