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In 2015, Eno set out to digitize our collection of thousands of historical transportation documents. When complete, the Eno Transportation Library will be an archive of more than 100 years of federal transportation policy history. Eno Members have full access to search and explore our growing archive.

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1933 Letter Advocating a Federal Mandate for Ethanol Content in Gasoline
This is a May 16, 1933 letter to the U.S. Treasury Secretary from the head of the Farm Products Chemical Company of America (and its lawyers/lobbyists) advocating federal legislation to levy an additional surtax on gasoline unless that gasoline includes a minimum percentage of ethanol that would quickly rise to 10 percent of the total.
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Senate Manager's Package of Amendments to H.R. 6147 (Second Minibus Appropriations, FY19)
This is a PDF of the text of all of the amendments adopted by the U.S. Senate on the evening of July 31, 2018 as part of a bipartisan "manager's package" of amendments to H.R. 6147, the vehicle for the second "minibus" package of appropriations bills for fiscal year 2019. Annual appropriations bills included in this package are Interior/Environment, Financial Services/General Government, Agriculture, and Transportation-HUD.
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AAR Lawsuit Against Amtrak/FRA On-Time Performance Metrics
This is the original lawsuit by the Association of American Railroads, filed in August 2011, against the joint Amtrak/FRA metrics for on-time performance that spawned at least seven years worth of court proceedings.