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In 2015, Eno set out to digitize our collection of thousands of historical transportation documents. When complete, the Eno Transportation Library will be an archive of more than 100 years of federal transportation policy history. Eno Members have full access to search and explore our growing archive.

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March 4, 1958 White House Meeting with Legislative Leaders on Highways
These are notes taken by the White House Assistant Staff Secretary of the regular weekly White House meeting between the President, his senior staff, and the Republican leadership of Congress on March 4, 1958. In it, they discuss the need to increase highway spending in 1960, 1961 and 1962 (both to fight off economic recession and to keep Interstate system construction on schedule), with President Eisenhower suggesting that the gasoline tax could be increased once the economy improves in order to pay for the spending.
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1958 Eisenhower Draft Bill Nullifying the Byrd Test
This is a draft bill sent by the Commerce Department to the Bureau of the Budget for legislative clearance on March 6, 1958 (together with draft cover letter to Congress) to waive application of the "Byrd Test" and approve the Interstate Cost Estimate for fiscal years 1960, 1961 and 1962.
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January 24, 1958 Cabinet Meeting on Highways
This is a PDF of the White House records of a Cabinet meeting held by President Eisenhower on January 24, 1958 that discussed Byrd Test funding delays and escalating cost estimates in the Interstate Highway System construction program.
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Byrd Amendment to Highway Revenue Act of 1956
This is the actual "Byrd Test" amendment offered by Sen. Harry Byrd at the Senate Finance Committee markup of the Highway Revenue Act of 1956 on May 22, 1956. Reproduced from the original in the Finance Committee bill file on H.R. 10660 (84th Congress) in the National Archives.
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