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In 2015, Eno set out to digitize our collection of thousands of historical transportation documents. When complete, the Eno Transportation Library will be an archive of more than 100 years of federal transportation policy history. Eno Members have full access to search and explore our growing archive.

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The Implications of the Federal Ban on Chinese Railcars
"The Implications of the Federal Ban on Chinese Railcars" concludes that until the federal government better understands the potential national security risks of using Chinese railcars in American transit systems, a one-year appropriations ban is more appropriate than a permanent policy change.
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Sept. 1978 Letter to US House Members from Transportation Stakeholders
This is a September 15, 1978 letter from various surface transportation stakeholder groups to all members of the US House of Representatives opposing an amendment to the highway bill to be offered by Budget Committee chairman Bob Giamo (D-CT) that would have reduced annual Highway Trust Fund authorization levels to levels that could be indefinitely supported by existing tax rates without extensive balance drawdowns.
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Sept. 1978 "Dear Colleague" Letter from House Public Works Against Giamo Amendment
This is a "Dear Colleague" letter to House members sent by members of the Public Works and Transportation Committee on September 19, 1978 in opposition to an amendment by Budget chairman Bob Giamo (D-CT) that would have reduced annual highway funding levels from the Highway Trust Fund to the levels that could be indefinitely sustained by existing tax revenues without extensive drawdown of balances.
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1978 Conable-Gibbons Amendment to the Highway Bill
This PDF is a series of documents relating to a proposed amendment in the House Ways and Means Committee to the revenue title of the highway bill in 1978. Drafted (at the Department of Transportation's request) by Reps. Barber Conable (R-NY) and Sam Gibbons (D-FL), the amendment would have put the Highway Trust Fund on a form of "accrual accounting" and ensured that each year's new funding authorizations were reduced to that upcoming year's estimated excise tax revenues. 
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