Official Title

Measure Identifier



Projected Revenues


Pass/ Fail

Anderson County n/a Bond Issuing bonds to finance road construction and maintenance Roads 20,000,000 n/a  P
Austin n/a Bond Funding traffic corridor improvements (requires shifting some responsibility for some roads under TxDOT to City of Austin) Roads 720,000,000 n/a  P
Corpus Christi Proposition 3 Property tax Increasing property tax to fund street improvements Roads unknown no sunset date specified  P
Corpus Christi Proposition 12 Bond Issuing bonds to finance street, sidewalk, and other infrastructure improvements and construction Roads 18,350,000 n/a  P
Hays County Proposition 2 Bond For maintaining, expanding, or upgrading existing roadways, as well as other transportation-related projects Roads 131,400,000 n/a  P
Hunt County Proposition 1 Bond Issuing bonds to finance various highway widening projects and a pedestrian walkway Roads, Bike/Ped 24,000,000 n/a  P
Parker County n/a Bond For funding various road projects Roads 76,200,000 n/a  P
Spring Independent School District (north Harris County) n/a Bond Funding would go towards school safety and transportation needs Other 18,000,000 n/a  P
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