Official Title

Measure Identifier



Projected Revenues


Pass/ Fail

Brownly-Marshall Road District Measure 2-105 Property tax Renewing property tax to fund road maintenance and repairs Roads 7,073  4 years  P
Clackamas County Measure 3-509 Gas tax Temporary 6-cent per gallon sales tax Roads 9,000,000  7 years  F
Coburg Measure 20-250 Gas tax Increasing local gas tax to 6 cents per gallon Roads 60,000 no sunset date specified  F
Coos Bay and North Bend Measure 6-161 Gas tax Levying a gas tax for street maintenance and repair Roads Unknown no sunset date specified  F
Columbia County Measure 5-255 Other tax Whether to dedicated new depletion fee revenues to road and bridge improvements and maintenance, and transit service Transit, Roads, Bridges n/a no sunset date specified  F
Cornelius Measure 34-267 Gas tax Increasing gas tax for road improvement, repair, and maintenance projects Roads 190,000 no sunset date specified  F
Cottage Grove n/a Gas tax Double the city’s gas tax, from 3 to 6 cents per gallon Roads 600,000 Per year  
King City Measure 34-271 Gas tax Increase gas tax for road improvement, repair, and maintenance projects Roads 100,000 no sunset date specified  
La Grande n/a Gas tax Increase gas tax by 3 cents for road improvement and maintenance projects Roads 400,000 no sunset date specified  F 
Portland Measure 26-180 Sales tax Levy sales tax on recreational marijuana that would go towards a variety of dedicated uses, including drug treatment, public safety, and “street infrastructure that improves safety…” Roads, Bike/Ped Unknown Per year  
Springfield Measure 20-252 Gas tax Increases gas tax by 3 cents per gallon Roads 1,100,000 no sunset date specified  F
Tigard County Measure  34-255 Advisory Whether City of Tigard should allow extending MAX light rail service to Tigard Transit n/a n/a  P
Tigard County Measure 34-256 Gas tax Increases gas tax by 5 cents; revenues would go to road and street improvements Roads, Bike/Ped 1,000,000 no sunset date specified  F
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