North Carolina


Measure Identifier



Projected Revenues


Pass/ Fail

Asheville Bond Finance proposed projects, incl. improvements to streets, sidewalks, bike lanes, greenways, and bus shelters Transit, Roads, Bike/Ped 32,000,000 n/a  P
Goldsboro Bond Finance transportation improvements, including construction and repairing of sidewalks, streets, and streetscapes Roads, Bike/Ped 7,000,000 n/a  
Greensboro City Bond Funds for overall transportation improvements Transit, Roads, Bike/Ped 52,000,000 n/a  P
Mecklenburg County Bond For financing various transportation improvements Transit, Roads, Bike/Ped 148,400,000 n/a  P
Wake County Sales tax Would help fund the $2.3 bil regional transit plan to improve mobility and connectivity between Research Triangle with buses and trains Transit 1,000,000,000 10 years  P
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