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Pass/ Fail

Statewide LD 1694 Bond Authorizes a $100 million General Bond issue towards highways, bridges, and multimodal facilities (bond proceeds would go to the state DOT) Transit, Roads, Bike/Ped, Ports 100,000,000 n/a  P
Gray  n/a Advisory Whether to provide funding for Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum to settle in Gray as main base; whether to borrow funds or use money from town’s operating budget Rail n/a n/a  F
Boothbay  n/a Bond Whether to authorize $1.15 million in bonds to help finance the traffic improvement plan for Route 27 (primary component is a roundabout) Roads 1,150,000 n/a  P
Rockport n/a Amendment Two municipal amendments: whether to convert Hawthorne Drive from private to public; repealing Town of Rockport Sidewalk Ordinance and rewriting it Roads n/a n/a  P
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