Official Title

Measure Identifier



Projected Revenues


Pass/ Fail

Bay County n/a Sales tax Levying sales tax for road and drainage improvement projects Roads 20,000,000 10 years P
Broward County  n/a Sales tax Revenues would go to Broward County Government for projects related to relieving transportation gridlock Transit, Roads, other 12,600,000,000 30 years  F
Broward County  n/a Sales tax Revenues would go to Broward County’s municipalities, and used for broader infrastructure measures (e.g. purchase fire trucks, improve drainage, repave roads). Roads, other (see transportation surtax) 30 years  F
Indian River County n/a Sales tax Renewing sales tax; revenues would go towards infrastructure projects (and other municipal functions) Roads 21,000,000 10 years P
Lake Worth City n/a Bond Issuing bonds to finance road improvements Roads 40,000,000 n/a P
Manatee County Question 6 Sales tax Sales tax increase would fund road improvements, as well as public safety equipment and park improvements Roads 30,000,000 no sunset date specified P
Palm Beach County n/a Sales tax Levying sales tax to fund repairs to roads, bridges, signals, streetlights, and sidewalks (as well as other municipal projects) Roads, Bike/Ped 2,700,000,000 10 years P
St. Lucie County n/a Sales tax Increasing sales tax to fund road improvements and water improvement projects Roads 15,500,000 20 years F
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