Official Title

Measure Identifier



Projected Revenues


Pass/ Fail

Arvada Measure 2G Sales tax Levy sales tax for 10 years to fund street maintenance and improvements Roads, Bike/Ped 10,700,000 Per year  F
Boulder County Measure 1A Property tax Levy mill tax for 15 years to fund road and bridge projects Roads, bridges 5,500,000 Per year  F
Canon City Referendum 2A Sales tax Increasing sales tax by 1% for 10 years for street-related improvements Roads 3,500,000 Per year  P
Dillon Referred Issue 2B Advisory Regarding 0.5% sales tax: whether revenues may be spent on both road maintenance and construction, and removing the Dec. 31, 2033 expiration date Roads n/a n/a  P
Durango-La Plata County Ballot Issue 1B Property tax To help fund expansion of Durango-La Plata Aiport Aviation 40,000,000 no sunset date specified  F
Eagle Ballot Issue 1B Bond Whether to issue bonds to improve and expand Eagle Valley Trail Bike/ped 32,700,000 n/a  F
La Plata County Ballot Issue 1A Property tax Levying mill tax to fund road and bridge construction and maintenance Roads 45,000,000 10 years  F
Lafayette Measure 2C Property tax Levy mill tax to fund EcoPasses for Lafayette residents Transit 575,000 5 years  F
Williamsburg Issue 2D Property tax Levy mill tax for road maintenance; no sunset date specified Roads 5,308 Per year  F
Glenwood Issue 2I Bond Issue bonds for capital projects related to improving safety and traffic congestion; constructing a riverwalk; and streetscaping Roads, Bike/Ped 104,000,000 n/a  P
Grand Lake Issue 2A Bond Issue bonds for street improvements Roads, Bike/Ped 7,625,000 n/a  P
Wheat Ridge Ballot Issue 2E Sales tax Whether to levy sales tax for various public investments (including transportation projects) Roads, Bike/Ped 29,000,000 12 years  P
Loveland Ballot Issue 5D Property tax Increase mill taxes for maintenance projects (sidewalks, street cleaning, landscape maintenance, etc.); no sunset date specified Bike/ped 198,000 Per year  F
Loveland Ballot Issue 5E Bond Increase debt to finance development projects, including streets, sidewalks, parking, etc. Roads, Bike/Ped 75,000,000 n/a  F
Rocky Ford Ballot Question 2B Sales tax Increase sales tax for 3 years for repairing streets, sidewalks, etc. Roads, Bike/Ped unknown 3 years  F
Hayden Referendum 2A Bond Increase debt to finance for street improvements Roads, Bike/Ped 5,200,000 n/a  F
San Miguel County Ballot Issue 2C Advisory To form the Sam Miguel Regional Authority for Transportation (SMART); operating expenses would be funded by 0.25% sales tax and 0.75 mill tax Transit 1,300,000 Per year  F
Telluride Ballot Issue 2D Bond Increase debt to finance parking improvements construction Roads 6,000,000 n/a  P
Salida Measure 2A Sales tax Whether to dedicate 32% of sales tax revenues to Streets Fund for street construction, operations, maintenance, and repair Roads n/a n/a   P
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