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Eno’s Transportation Finance Working Group is a standing advisory group on all matters relating to transportation funding and financing policy. The group, made up of diverse stakeholders, provides Eno staff with insights, knowledge, feedback, and guidance on how to approach some of the most challenging transportation finance problems of today. This includes public-private partnerships, federal and local transportation funding initiatives, and the transition to a new federal administration. Members of the group have the following responsibilities and roles:

  • -Serve as a resource for Eno and the industry on funding and finance issues
  • -Suggest topics of focus for future work and provide feedback on Eno work products
  • -Meet in Washington, DC as needed to discuss work progress

Working Group members are sometimes asked to sign on to work products, particularly if there are consensus based policy recommendations found within the report. But being part of the Working Group does not directly mean an endorsement of all products, and working group members are not required to sign on to any potential policy recommendations. Regardless, Eno makes every attempt to incorporate the feedback from all working group members when developing reports and recommendations.



In April 2014, the P3 Working Group published Partnership Financing: Improving Transportation Infrastructure Through Public Private Partnerships. In this publication, the group studied both successful and unsuccessful P3 projects nationwide in an effort to identify lessons learned for policymakers, legislators, and officials interested in using P3s to deliver transportation infrastructure projects. The working group identified patterns in the challenges that localities have faced when using P3s and developed recommendations for federal and local policy to enable greater use of P3s as an infrastructure delivery mechanism in the future.

 P3 RESOURCES PAGE: This page is a one-stop reference for transportation P3 resources. While P3 research often spans across different project types much of the fundamental concepts are transferrable (This page will be updated as new research is made available)

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