The Eno Center for Transportation conducts research, organizes workshops, and convenes transportation experts on a variety of critical issues facing the transportation industry. Eno’s policy team takes an independent approach to all of our work, and we create pragmatic policy recommendations that are responsive to constrained public resources and political realities. To ensure accuracy, objectiveness, and effectiveness of our final products, we work closely with industry stakeholders and experts, including Eno’s Working Groups, the Digital Cities Project Advisory Board, Eno’s Board of Advisors, and Eno’s Board of Directors.

Eno has four standing programs that cover major areas in transportation policy: aviation, freight, transportation finance, the digital transportation revolution. The members of these working groups or respective advisory boards help to develop Eno research topics, inform the work, and comment on findings. Importantly, Eno includes both public an private sector officials on each board to ensure that our work products are balanced and useful to policymakers and industry alike. 

Eno Working Groups

If you are interested in participating in one of our Working Groups or sponsoring a research paper or forum, contact Paul Lewis, Director of Policy and Finance, at plewis@enotrans.org.


Aviation Working Group
Leading the Way for U.S. Air Traffic Control Governance Reform

Transportation Finance Working Group
Overcoming Barriers to Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation

Freight Working Group
Funding a Multi-Modal Freight Program

Current Projects

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Innovative Transit Contracting
Improving service by engaging the private sector directly – through the competitive contracting of services.
Eno Aviation Insights
This project proposes to work to better understand the full picture of where the modern airline industry is going and how people, business, and government are going to be affected.
Digital Cities
Eno’s Digital Cities project is a multi-part research and outreach effort intended to provide a resource for policymakers to understand the technological forces that are shaping our transportation networks.
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