Rui Neiva

Rui Neiva

Rui Neiva is a former Policy Analyst at Eno, where he conducted research in aviation policy matters, as well as other areas. He was also the main researcher for Eno’s NextGen Working Group and is now responsible for the Aviation Working Group. Prior to joining Eno he received his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Mason University where he studied the regulatory and institutional frameworks of Air Navigation Service Providers.

Dr. Neiva has a background in Civil Engineering and his interest in public policy derives from the time when he was completing his degree and realized how interconnected transportation and transportation planning where with public policy. Besides his work in air traffic control policy, he has also worked in airport development and urban transit planning.

He has published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Transport, Economics and Policy, the Journal of Air Transport Management, the International Journal of Transport Economics, and Applied Economics Letters. His book “Institutional Reform of Air Navigation Service Providers: A Historical and Economic Perspective” was released in late 2015 by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Media Mentions & Commentary

Associated Press |
October 23,2017

New flight paths lead to airplane noise complaints across US

Airliners began flying over Twila Lake’s bungalow-style house in a historic district three years ago, taking off every one to two minutes from the Phoenix airport and roaring over her neighborhood. It was a sudden change after rarely hearing jets in her previous 13 years in the downtown neighborhood.
The Verge |
July 11,2017

Exclusive: Inside Airbus’ Modular Plane Concept

Commercial flying is, for most people, a mediocre experience at best. Unless you shell out for an upgraded seat, you’re generally stuck with little leg room, tepid meals, and nowhere to go for hours or more — all for an average airfare of $350 in the US. Add in recent events, involving overbooking, passenger apparel choices, and dead pets, and the airlines aren’t exactly winning the hearts of customers right now.
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