Romic Aevaz

Romic Aevaz

Romic is a graduate of The University of Texas in Austin, where he completed his B.A. in Government and Humanities. Prior to joining Eno, Romic worked as a research intern at the Brookings Institution, where he contributed to research on the workforce implications of autonomous vehicles and the role of infrastructure policy in gubernatorial elections. During his time as an undergraduate in Austin, Romic also worked at the Mayor’s Office, where he was involved in the implementation of various strategic mobility initiatives as well as stakeholder outreach during the city’s land use plan overhaul.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles

Project Delivery,Transit

Eno Selects Final Case Studies for Ongoing Research into Transit Cost Delivery

October 09,2020 As part of the ongoing effort to evaluate transit project delivery, Eno aims to identify why rail transit projects in the United States are costlier and take longer to build than many peer countries,...

Eno Releases New Report on MOD Fare Integration with Transit

September 25,2020 Over the past several years, some transit agencies have adopted more sophisticated electronic fare payment methods and achieved greater integration with other regional transportation providers and...
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Media Mentions & Commentary

Statesman |
October 01,2020

Pre-outbreak, Austin’s commute times kept growing in 2019

“Due to people living further and further away from the city, even though the amount of people commuting is going down, their commute times are going up,” Aevaz said. Share
Transportation Today |
September 23,2020

Local Option Sales Tax ballot issues may be the way to fund future road projects

This article recaps an Eno webinar on Local Option Sales Taxes, which was moderated by Romic Aevaz. Share
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