Romic Aevaz

Romic Aevaz

Romic is a graduate of The University of Texas in Austin, where he completed his B.A. in Government and Humanities. Prior to joining Eno, Romic worked as a research intern at the Brookings Institution, where he contributed to research on the workforce implications of autonomous vehicles and the role of infrastructure policy in gubernatorial elections. During his time as an undergraduate in Austin, Romic also worked at the Mayor’s Office, where he was involved in the implementation of various strategic mobility initiatives as well as stakeholder outreach during the city’s land use plan overhaul.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles

Ballot Measure,Local governance,State Governance

Transit and Road Measures Fare Well, but State Revenue Collection Takes a Hit: Takeaways from Election Night

November 08,2019 Throughout 2019, voters in 31 states decided on over 200 transportation-related ballot measures totaling nearly $19 billion in potential investment. On Election Day, voters across 20 states decided...
Ballot Measure,Local governance,State Governance

Rideshare Taxes, State Revenue Limits, and Major Transit Bonds: Top 10 Ballot Measures to Watch in November

October 31,2019 This November —in addition to a slew of gubernatorial, state legislative, and mayoral elections—voters across 20 states will decide on more than 100 transportation-related ballot...
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