Richard Mudge

Richard Mudge

Dr. Mudge is President and founder of Compass Transportation and Technology Inc. This firm specializes in the economics, finance, and policy of transportation, with a current emphasis on
autonomous vehicles and shared mobility. He holds a Ph.D. in Regional Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Mudge is a nationally recognized expert in the economics
and finance of all modes of transportation. He has held a series of management positions as a transportation consultant. These include co-founder, President, and Chairman of the Board for Apogee Research. He also directed the transportation policy group for the Congressional Budget Office and worked in applied research at the RAND Corporation.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles


Guest Op-Ed: Infrastructure – How to Make A Difference

April 12,2019 April 12, 2019 Increased infrastructure spending seems to be the most popular promise of presidential candidates.  One trillion dollars is a common number, mentioned by President Trump and...
Automated Vehicles,Congestion Pricing,Managed lanes,Tolls

They Pay Farmers Not to Grow Crops, Don’t They?

September 16,2013 Despite the odd title, this is an optimistic report. Before describing a breakthrough in how to reduce urban traffic congestion, let me summarize the problems with current strategies. We are all...
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