Madeline Maxine Gorman

Madeline Maxine Gorman

Madeline Maxine Gorman is a Maryland native who graduated from Towson University with her B.S. in Mass Communication and B.F.A. in Dance as commencement speaker and honors scholar. Her creative approach to communications and problem-solving is informed by her background in the arts. Whether it’s finding the perfect collaborators for a project or revamping marketing strategies, she enjoys finding strategic and unique solutions for life’s curve balls. In her current role as Eno’s Senior Communications Manager, Gorman oversees digital marketing, print and digital content creation, press coverage, public relations, and manages ETW stories.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles

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Guest Op-Ed: Rethinking the Truck Driver Shortage

December 10,2021 Many major media outlets such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times recently reported that the nation’s global supply chain challenges are due, in part, to a widespread...
By Jason Miller

Guest Op-Ed: Getting the Best Bang from our Infrastructure Buck

December 03,2021 A lot of attention has been given to the size of the federal infrastructure package that was signed into law last month. Unfortunately, the total dollar amount is not the most important factor in...
By Howard P. Milstein
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