Jonathan Hammond

Jonathan Hammond

Jonathan Hammond recently graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Public Policy. He has interned at the local, state, and federal level with a number of transportation-oriented institutions, including the Capitol Region Council of Governments in Connecticut and the University of Kassel’s Department of Integrated Transportation and Mobility Planning in Germany. He is excited to help the Eno Center for Transportation with its important transportation research and outreach efforts.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles


Senators Examine Intermodal Cargo Network Status

May 13,2021 It seems a bit shocking that only a couple of months ago, intermodal cargo containers, the ships that carry them, and the im-port-ant waterways they travel were making front page headlines thanks to...
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State of the Aviation Industry Hearing

April 23,2021 In a hearing on April 21, the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation, Safety, Operations, and Innovation assessed the state of the aviation industry and the impact of federal aid, as well as the current...
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