Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is a Senior Fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation and is also the Editor of the Eno Transportation Weekly.

Jeff came to Washington in 1988 to attend The American University and soon began working on Capitol Hill for the ranking minority member of the House Rules Committee. For six years he worked on a wide variety of legislative, budget process oversight and parliamentary procedure issues.

In January 1996 Jeff joined a transportation consulting firm and worked extensively on the FAA, Amtrak and surface transportation reauthorization laws in 1996-1998 as well as various appropriations bills.  He founded his own research and consulting business in June 1998 and published Transportation Weekly, a news service covering federal transportation and public works, from 1999-2014.

He joined the Eno Center in January 2015. His work focuses on analysis of the federal transportation budget and the long-term trends in transportation funding and policy.

Eno Transportation Weekly Articles


Senate Procedural Ground Cleared for More Reconciliation Bills, but Politics May Not Be There Yet

April 09,2021 Earlier this week, the nonpartisan Senate Parliamentarian told Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) that a loophole in the Budget Act would allow the Senate to pass at least one more fiscal...

First Biden Budget Prioritizes Education, Health, Environment, Research

April 09,2021 The White House released President Biden’s discretionary spending summary today as the initial part of his fiscal 2022 budget request to Congress. The request calls for an 8.6 percent increase...
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Media Mentions & Commentary

Bloomberg |
March 18,2021 | Federal Funding,Fuel tax,Governance

What’s Doable If Democrats Go It Alone on Infrastructure

Congress could tweak the rate of the motor fuels tax — the main source of money for the Highway Trust Fund — under reconciliation since it would affect revenue, said Jeff Davis.Share
Marketplace |
March 15,2021 | Environment,Federal Funding,Funding & Finance

Next on Democrats’ agenda, a “holistic” infrastructure bill

“Infrastructure is more of a long-term economic stimulus than a short-term economic stimulus, because capital programs like building infrastructure tend to spend out fairly slowly,” said Jeff Davis.Share
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