Randolph R. Resor
Randolph R. Resor
Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Transportation

Randolph Resor has more than 30 years of experience inrailroading and rail rapid transit. He stated his career in 1977 as a special assistant to William Dempsey, then president of the Association of American Railroads. Following work at the U.S. Railway Association and the New York City Transit Authority, Mr. Resor joined ZETA-TECH Associates, a rail industry consulting firm, as director and later vice present. His engagements included work forrailroads, governments, and rail industry suppliers on six continents, including extensive involvement with what has become known as Positive Train Control.

In 2006, Mr. Resor joined the Surface Transportation Board in Washington, DC in the Office of Economics working on railroad rate and service issues and mergers. In 2009 he moved to the Department of Transportation’s Office of Policy, as a member of the staff of the Secretary of Transportation. He is the author of 40 published papers covering transportation cost analysis,rail operations, and the user of computers in railroading, and is a frequent speaker at rail industry conferences. He participates in TRB’s National Cooperative Freight Research Program as a member of three project review panels.

Mr. Resor is a member of Transportation Research Committee AR040, Rail Freight Transportation, the Transportation Research Forum, and the Lexington Group in Transportation History. He has a BA in history and economics from the University of Chicago and has completed a year of graduate study at Northwester University’s Transportation Center.