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Future Leaders Development Conference

Each year, the Eno Future Leaders Development Conference (LDC) gives 20 of the nation’s top graduate students in transportation a first-hand look at how national transportation policies are developed. Students apply to the program early in the year, and those selected as “Eno Fellows” come to Washington, DC for a week each spring.

During this weeklong intensive program, the Fellows meet with federal, state, and local officials, as well as public, private, and non-profit leaders across the industry. They get a first-hand look at how transportation policy is made, while engaging with leaders to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry.

In Their Own Words: Reflections from Alumni Eno Fellows:

“The LDC program has at least two lasting impacts: teaching fellows how policy is made and how complex the process is, and establishing a network of fellows. Both of these can help fellows be more effective transportation professionals.”
“So many great conversations! Not only did I get to meet four (FOUR!) former secretaries of transportation, I got to nerd out with other Eno Fellows about transportation policy all week. Talking with so many smart, dedicated people really broadened my view of how we can and should make transportation decisions.”
“The LDC showed multiple pathways for researchers to influence policy. The decision-makers we met with said over and over that they don’t want to just hand down policy from on high. They are hungry for evidence and want to hear from people like me.”
“The remarkable aspect of the LDC program, in my mind, lies with the personal connections made with my peers. I find it incredibly rewarding to interact with my Eno Fellows at conferences and meetings all over the country, and hearing about all of their great successes.”

The application period has closed for 2019.  To be the first to know when applications open for 2020, please join the interest list!

A sample agenda from 2018’s LDC Program can be found here [link]. The speakers and agenda vary year to year.

The Eno Future Leaders Development Conference is designed for students in transportation-related programs, including engineering, planning, public policy, public administration, economics, management, and law. Students interested in any mode of transportation are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must be Graduate-level students pursuing a masters or doctoral degree.

Each university is invited to nominate one student from each transportation-related discipline. Each college within the university is limited to one nomination. Universities with more than one transportation-related program may submit no more than two applications per university.

Your nominee should be an individual who demonstrates leadership ability and the potential to assume a senior role in a transportation-related organization in the future. The student must be able to attend the entire conference scheduled for June 2-6, 2019. International students can apply for the conference as long as they are nominated by a United States college/university and are currently attending.

Eno’s Board of Regents will review all nominations and select the participants for the 2019 Conference. In making the selections, the Regents will consider each nominee’s accomplishments and demonstrated leadership ability, academic program, intent to pursue a career in transportation and interest in national transportation issues.

Complete Your Application Now  (not currently available) 

Applications must include the following:

Letter of recommendation from the student’s faculty advisor: This should include an evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications for the Conference. Please address academic accomplishments and leadership potential.

Student’s resume: Limited to two (2) pages.

Statement of interest: In a one-page statement, the student should explain why he or she wishes to participate in the Conference and how the experience might contribute to his or her professional development.

Statement by nominating institution or other institution regarding financial support (optional): Eno’s Leadership Development Conference provides the top graduate students in transportation from across the country with a unique and transformative chance to get an inside look at transportation policy. Thanks to supporters of this program like you, the Eno Fellows participate at virtually no cost to them. The direct costs per student are approximately $3,500 and we would like to invite you to support your Fellow with a donation towards those costs. Contributions can be made in the form of a cash donation for all or part of the program cost and/or reimbursement or direct purchase of travel costs. A pledge letter from the university or employer should be attached to the application package. We thank you for joining the other donors and institutions which support this valuable program to advance transportation policy knowledge among its participants.

Applications can be completed by the student or the nominator. Applications must have all required documents to be considered complete. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your application within one week, please call Erin Shumate at 202-879-4703 or email eshumate@enotrans.org.

Andisheh Ranjibari (Rodney Slater Award Recipient)

Jonathan Wood (Dr. Thomas D. Larson Fellowship Award Recipient)

Jack Cebe, Georgia Institute of Technology


Each year, the Maggie Walsh, WTS International Board Chair Scholarship is given to one outstanding candidate and WTS member. WTS selects the candidate to attend Eno’s Future Leaders Development Conference.

If you are a WTS member and would like to apply for this opportunity, please visit the WTS website. If you have questions regarding eligibility or the application contact, please contact Rosa Chung, Director of Operations at WTS, at 202-955-5085 or rchung@wtsinternational.org.


For the third year, the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO) award will be given to one outstanding student who is a COMTO member or affiliate. COMTO selects the candidate to attend Eno’s Future Leaders Development Conference from the already selected class of Eno Fellows. Please note in your statement of interest if you or someone in your family is a COMTO member.


For the third year, the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) will select a master’s degree student for a seat in the Eno LDC program. The student will be selected in conjunction with other CUTC awards.

If you have questions regarding the CUTC master’s degree seat in the Eno LDC program, please contact Dr. Tom O’Brien at Thomas.OBrien@csulb.edu


The leader in our field for nearly a century, government and industry leaders rely on Eno for timely research and an independent voice on policy issues. Our professional development programs strengthen the leadership and practical skills of transportation professionals across the industry. Join today and become part of the conversation.

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