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Washington Post
May 6, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Study: It’s past time the D.C. region transform its bus network
Robert Puentes comments on a recent study released by DC's Bus Transformation Project, for which he served as Chair of the Executive Steering Committee. "To achieve the project’s vision to make buses “the mode of choice on the region’s roads by 2030,″ Puentes said the region needs to create “a better system that works when, where, and how customers need it.”
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
Nonprofit Quarterly
February 13, 2019 | Expert Analysis
In Remembrance of Rosa Parks: Transit Equity Day
"On February 4th, the nation celebrated Transit Equity Day, in honor of the late Rosa Parks, who would’ve turned 106 years old. The holiday is intended to draw attention to transit as a civil rights issue and an important element of a climate-safe future."
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
Infrastructure Week
February 1, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Ballots, Ballots, and More Ballots
Robert Puentes, the President CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation joins us for a whirlwind tour of all the transportation ballot initiatives taking place around the country. We talk trends, getting local, and the future of transportation funding.
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
Mother Nature Network
January 30, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Tokyo Metro offers free noodles to help thin out rush hour crowds
Robert Puentes of the Eno Center for Transportation tells NPR that although numerous subway systems in the U.S. experience lamentable overcrowding during rush hour, none offer perks like food vouchers to commuters who are willing to hop on the train a bit earlier or hold off and go a bit later.
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
January 28, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Regionwide bus route overhaul to start next year
Eno's President and CEO Rob Puentes is chairing the Bus Transformation Project’s Executive Steering Committee, which will make recommendations to help speed up buses and provide better service in the DC area.
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
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