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August 16, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Lyft pulls e-bikes from San Francisco after battery fires
It’s important to think about the city’s policy goals... If the goal is to reduce vehicle miles traveled, does banning dockless vehicles for however long meet those goals? This is something we can collect data on as we investigate, and I would approach it from that perspective.
Brianne Eby |
Policy Analyst
The Overhead Wire/State Smart Transportation Initiative
August 16, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Inside the Transportation Data Tug of War
It’s not necessarily that we need TNC data to regulate the TNCs. We need TNC data just like we need data on cyclists and we need data on private vehicle use and we need data on walking.
Alice Grossman, PhD |
Senior Policy Analyst
Biparsian Policy Center
June 13, 2019 | OP-ED
The Infrastructure Debate – Congestion Pricing
Brianne Eby |
Policy Analyst
"Traffic buildup is a big issue in cities, especially in cities such as New York. One way officials are trying to control growing congestion is through “congestion pricing.” Brianne Eby, a policy analyst from the Eno Center, gives us an overview of what congestion pricing is and how it may be a better alternative to standard tolling."
Washington Post
May 6, 2019 | Expert Analysis
Study: It’s past time the D.C. region transform its bus network
Robert Puentes comments on a recent study released by DC's Bus Transformation Project, for which he served as Chair of the Executive Steering Committee. "To achieve the project’s vision to make buses “the mode of choice on the region’s roads by 2030,″ Puentes said the region needs to create “a better system that works when, where, and how customers need it.”
Robert Puentes |
President and CEO
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