DOJ Now Looking Into Whether Airlines Are Colluding To Keep Flights Expensive

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Are major airlines ganging up on customers to keep air fares high? The Department of Justice launched an investigation including Southwest, American and United airlines. Tracey Leong has the latest. To view the video, click here.

New self-driving Google cars plying Silicon Valley roads

“The headline here is that two self-driving cars did what they were supposed to do in an ordinary everyday driving scenario”, a Google spokeswoman told PCMag in a statement. What we meant by that, was that the autonomous auto culture is still a young concept that, like anything new on the market, was met with… READ MORE »

Northeast Transit Tieups

BY Paul Burton

In an interview with Paul Burton of The Bond Buyer, Eno President  and CEO Joshua Schank discusses the politics behind public transit in Boston and New York. To view the entire interview, click here.

US Chamber Official: Modest Gas Tax Hike Best Way to Fund Highways

BY Mark Carter

The best way to keep the U.S. Highway Trust Fund solvent is to raise the federal user fee that funds it, said Janet Kavinoky, executive director of transportation and infrastructure for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, in Little Rock on Thursday. Kavinoky, who also serves as vice president for the group’s Americans for Transportation Mobility… READ MORE »

As Part Of Multi-Billion Package For Roads, Hogan Says ‘Yes’ To Purple Line

BY Martin Di Caro

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a major shift in state transportation spending to prioritize the maintenance and expansion of roads and bridges over investment in mass transit projects. While unveiling plans to spend $2 billion on roads — including $845 million on entirely new projects — at an Annapolis news conference on Thursday, the governor… READ MORE »

Kicking the Highway Trust Fund can

BY Tim Fitzsimons

The House of Representatives will hold a hearing Wednesday on a proposed a corporate tax holiday on money kept overseas as a way of refilling the drained coffers of the Highway Trust Fund. The plan would temporarily reduce the tax rate to get the money back to the U.S., then stash it away to pay… READ MORE »

Transportation funds key to healthy economy, U.S. Chamber exec says in Dallas

BY Brandon Formby

After Congress’ continued failure to fully fund the nation’s infrastructure needs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s transportation chief hopes a bill passed by a Senate committee Wednesday is a step toward a long-term solution. But Janet Kavinoky admits there’s one big hill to climb before the bill can help solve the country’s infrastructure funding woes…. READ MORE »

Mileage Based User Fees are the Most Realistic Long-Term Funding Mechanism

Despite a growing consensus that mileage based user fees are the best long-term solution for funding transportation infrastructure, most panellists at a recent DC event recommended some other solution. As part of Infrastructure Week 2015 in Washington DC, the Eno Center for Transportation­­­, American Action Forum and the Center for American Progress hosted a panel… READ MORE »

D.C.’s new identity? A hub for transportation innovation.

BY Lori Aratani

The white shuttle bus with the bright red seal on the door eases to a stop at a Metrobus shelter on P Street NW, just west of Dupont Circle. Today, the driver is picking up a passenger bound for Capitol Hill. Tomorrow, who knows? That’s because this bus has no fixed stops. Instead, its next… READ MORE »

GPTC cuts ribbon on New Transit Vehicle Maintenance Training Facility

DECATUR – Federal, state and local officials were on hand as Georgia Piedmont Technical College (GPTC) held a ceremonial ribbon cutting Thursday to celebrate the opening of its new Transit Vehicle Maintenance Training facility located at the institution’s transportation training center in Lithonia, Georgia. “Our vision regarding transit is large. From the time we started… READ MORE »