Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Washington Post |
July 09,2015

Follow Reagan’s example, and fill up America’s highway fund

Can you name the U.S. president who raised taxes during a recession to fund increased infrastructure investment? Must be a real liberal, right? Actually, it was none other than Ronald Wilson Reagan, in 1982. He made this tough decision to ensure we had adequate investment in our transportation network.
Capital New York |
May 29,2015

De Blasio: To fund federal transportation, tax the rich

“It’s a question of how long the bailout is going to be and how long the extension is going to be ... because no one wants to take the political risk of trying to put together a long-term bill and the long-term funding source that would be necessary for it."
City Lab |
May 29,2015

Once Upon a Time It Was Possible to Raise the Gas Tax

"As today’s policymakers search for revenue options to put the Highway Trust Fund back on a path to solvency, the lessons of how a politically divided Congress dealt with the issue are still relevant more than 30 years later." |
May 15,2015

Installation of rail-safety systems has been inconsistent

“It’s a question of having the will and the funding. If it were in their financial interest, they would get it done,” Joshua Schank, CEO of the non-partisan think tank Eno Center for Transportation, said of railroads that will miss the federal deadline. “It’s very hard to do, but it’s also quite doable.”
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