Media Mentions

Media Mentions

U.S. News and World Report |
June 15,2016

Lines Aren’t the Only Air Travel Problem

Congress has a key opportunity to bring our air traffic control system into the 21st century.
Transport Topics |
June 13,2016

Former DOT Chief James Burnley Named Chairman of Eno’s Board

Former U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary James Burnley has been named chairman of the Eno Center for Transportation board of directors, the group announced June 13.
WAMU 88.5 |
June 01,2016

When It Comes To Long, Difficult Rehab Programs, Metro’s Problems Aren’t Unique

The stressed state of urban subway systems may be blamed on an array of factors: underinvestment, deferred maintenance, political and management decisions that prioritized expansion over maintaining current lines, or the all too human inclination to wait until there is a crisis before taking action.
NPR Morning Edition |
May 23,2016

Communities Lack All The Funds Needed For Transit Repairs

Renee Montagne talks to transit expert Robert Puentes about infrastructure problems affecting rail systems across the country. Some of the repairs require entire lines of systems to be shut down.
May 23,2016

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Has Its 1st Public Demo

Out in the Nevada desert today, the world got a good look at the first public test of the Hyperloop — a concept that could someday become a new mode of transportation.
Route Fifty |
May 23,2016

Looking at Transportation Funding Beyond the Gas Tax

The need to find new ways of paying for transportation projects in an era of eroding fuel tax revenues was a recurring topic here last week, as leaders and experts from around the country gathered to discuss the nation’s infrastructure challenges.
U.S. News and World Report |
May 12,2016

Shut the Subways Down

When the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority shut down its subway system for an entire day in March for emergency repairs, it sent a shockwave through the country. People and pundits wondered: How could this be allowed to happen in the nation's capital? Who's to blame? What were they thinking?
Curbed |
May 09,2016

Austin’s Ridesharing Shutdown Highlights Widening Regulation Gap

Walkouts by Uber and Lyft showcase coming debates over regulations, rules, and the power of new players in local transportation
Bloomberg Politics |
May 03,2016

Washington’s Metro Fire Called Symptom of Aging Transit

The fire that killed one person and injured 91 last year on the Washington subway system was caused by faulty management and maintenance, a federal safety board concluded in a scathing report that draws attention to the nation’s neglected transportation infrastructure.
Travel Weekly |
May 01,2016

Split on air traffic control leaves future of FAA funding in limbo

The chief congressional proponent of privatizing the U.S. air traffic control (ATC) system is vowing to press forward with the effort even though the proposal was excluded from the Senate version of the FAA reauthorization bill passed last month.
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