Media Mentions

Media Mentions

U.S. News and World Report |
May 12,2016

Shut the Subways Down

When the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority shut down its subway system for an entire day in March for emergency repairs, it sent a shockwave through the country. People and pundits wondered: How could this be allowed to happen in the nation's capital? Who's to blame? What were they thinking?
Curbed |
May 09,2016

Austin’s Ridesharing Shutdown Highlights Widening Regulation Gap

Walkouts by Uber and Lyft showcase coming debates over regulations, rules, and the power of new players in local transportation
Bloomberg Politics |
May 03,2016

Washington’s Metro Fire Called Symptom of Aging Transit

The fire that killed one person and injured 91 last year on the Washington subway system was caused by faulty management and maintenance, a federal safety board concluded in a scathing report that draws attention to the nation’s neglected transportation infrastructure.
Travel Weekly |
May 01,2016

Split on air traffic control leaves future of FAA funding in limbo

The chief congressional proponent of privatizing the U.S. air traffic control (ATC) system is vowing to press forward with the effort even though the proposal was excluded from the Senate version of the FAA reauthorization bill passed last month.
Access Magazine |
May 01,2016

Manage Flight Demand or Build Airport Capacity?

Airports can manage air traffic congestion in two ways: 1) add infrastructure or 2) manage flight demand. The environmental and economic implications of these options, however, often conflict.
POLITICO Magazine |
April 25,2016

Mayors: Flint Could Happen to Us

Nearly 1 in 3 American mayors think they may already have hurt their own citizens by making cost-saving decisions on critical infrastructure—a startling admission of fearfulness and accountability from the nation’s top urban executives on the heels of the Flint water crisis.
North Country Public Radio |
April 22,2016

International trade dispute threatens job security at Plattsburgh Bombardier

One of the North Country’s major employers has found itself in a bitter, international trade dispute. Bombardier, a Canadian company with a factory in Plattsburgh, expected to win a major contract to build more than 800 new rail cars for the city of Chicago.
Scientific American |
April 19,2016

U.S. Highway Rules May Get Climate Makeover

The Federal Highway Administration is considering measuring the success of state and local transportation projects by their greenhouse gas emissions. FHWA asked for feedback on establishing the climate metric in a proposed rule establishing new performance standards for transportation projects receiving federal dollars.
U.S. News and World Report |
April 18,2016

Tech-Driven Transportation Is Here to Stay

For many years, the way we addressed transportation challenges like traffic congestion, access and information was to build more. More roads, more rails, more runways. Yet today, with financial resources strained and an overwhelming need to simply fix our nation's crumbling infrastructure, we need a new model.
WAMU 88.5 |
April 13,2016

Sweeping Changes Needed, Consultants Say, As Metro Leaders Head To Capitol Hill

The D.C. region’s transit system must regain the trust of its customers and jurisdictions by improving safety, reliability, and its troubled financial situation, while laying the groundwork for substantial internal reforms, said consultants who drafted a roadmap for Metro’s long-term recovery.
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