Media Mentions

Media Mentions

The Baltimore Sun |
October 05,2015

Futuristic pods pitched as answer to city transit woes

Baltimore says it needs a world-class mass-transit system. A California company says it has the answer: high-speed, magnetically levitated, egg-like pods designed to ferry commuters above the rush-hour fray. |
September 24,2015

Scarcity of pilots threatens regional service

The Four Corners Regional Airport manager says the airport may eventually lose its last commercial airline company because of a 2013 federal regulation that significantly increased the number of hours pilots must log before they can fly as a first officer -- or co-pilot -- in most passenger airplanes.
Mass Transit Magazine |
September 18,2015

2015 Top 40 Under 40: Alexander Bond, AICP

We recognize individuals for their contributions and who have shown a capacity for innovation, demonstrated leadership and a commitment to making an impact in transit.
The Exponent Telegram |
September 13,2015

Officials mull possibility of more local control over road maintenance

As some officials point to waste and inefficiency within the state Division of Highways, questions remain about whether and how to generate new funding to repair and maintain West Virginia’s roads.
WAMU 88.5 |
September 09,2015

To Help Solve An Array Of Problems, Metro Seeks Outside Help

The leaders of the D.C. region’s transit system are planning to let in some sunshine to illuminate the causes of a dark year that has seen Metro stumble between financial problems and track mishaps, starting with the death of a passenger on the Yellow Line in January.
WAMU 88.5 |
September 01,2015

With Crisis After Crisis, Who Would Even Want To Be Metro’s New GM?

“Anybody who is an expert in transit — who has run a transit system — knows if they are heading to Metro they are putting themselves in a situation that puts their career at risk, because you are taking on a challenge that seems insurmountable,” Schank said. “So it's a very difficult storm to walk into and someone from the transit industry is going to be reluctant to stake their career on it.”
Atlanta Magazine |
September 01,2015

MARTA CEO Keith Parker: For convincing us to trust public transit

When Keith T. Parker became CEO and general manager of MARTA in 2012, he was faced with not only a bigger agency than those he’d previously managed in Charlotte and San Antonio, but one with a $33 million budget deficit and a public relations problem. - See more at: |
August 23,2015

Let’s Forget Driverless Cars and Make Trains Sexy

Imagine your very own air-conditioned pod that drives you to the office, leaving you free to sleep, work, text, put on lipstick or just gaze out the window. That’s the dream of the driverless car, a dream that’s loomed ever larger in the consumer imagination, as Google and other would-be automotive revolutionaries make noise about eliminating the most dangerous part of the driving equation: human drivers. |
August 21,2015

MARTA begins looking into possible rail in Clayton County

“We have an agreement with them now where they are studying the corridor looking at how MARTA can fit on the corridor side by side with them,” MARTA CEO Keith Parker told county commissioners and residents Tuesday.
Bloomberg |
August 18,2015

Chris Christie’s Political Ambitions Confront Need for U.S. Tunnel Aid

The federal government’s contribution to ARC was $4 billion, and it’s hard to see how it could find much more than that for Gateway, said Paul Lewis, director of policy and finance at the Eno Center for Transportation in Washington. “It’s a national issue, it’s a regional issue, and it’s an economic issue,” he said. “Any kind of major shutdown is very problematic.”
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