Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Mass Transit Magazine |
September 06,2016

2016 Top 40 Under 40: Paul Lewis

Since joining Eno five years ago, Lewis has been instrumental in the organization's growth in the transportation policy field, while simultaneously balancing his role as the financial manager and leading a rapidly growing policy team. His portfolio of work has addressed critical issues in transit, such as Eno’s transit governance report with Transitcenter, “Getting to the Route of It,” and smaller pieces for Eno Transportation Weekly such as “Houston Has a Shiny New Bus Network”. |
August 29,2016

The politics of infrastructure

Eno President and CEO joins Mary Cummings-Jordan on Radio Times as she takes on three different stories related to infrastructure.
The Daily Signal | The Heritage Foundation |
August 26,2016

How Republicans in Congress Would Respond to Big-Spending Infrastructure Push

“In 2009, there was this consensus in Washington that something had to be done to get people to work, and transportation investment was a key part of that,” said Robert Puentes, the president and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, in an interview with The Daily Signal. “But that’s not the climate now. It’s a different time. We’re not hemorrhaging jobs the same way as back then.”
Stateline | The Pew Charitable Trusts |
August 26,2016

Can Uber and Lyft Save Carpooling?

“Driving in your car alone is so inexpensive and convenient it’s not worth the hassle of an inflexible schedule,” said Paul Lewis with the Eno Center for Transportation, a nonprofit focused on mobility, safety and sustainability. “People aren’t just going to work and then going home. On the flip side, new technology applications are starting to change that equilibrium..."
WAMU 88.5 |
August 24,2016

Metro Still Clearing Backlog Of ‘Gauge Rods’ Problem Identified In 2015 Incident

“Maintenance is not an issue that comes easy. It requires a lot of money and political will to put something that is typically pretty boring,” said Paul Lewis, a policy expert at the Eno Center for Transportation. “It is not very exciting to replace 500 rail ties as it is to open up a new transit line.”
U.S. News and World Report |
August 22,2016

The Infrastructure Opportunity

There's a good reason Clinton and Trump agree on the importance of infrastructure investments.
Washington Post |
August 21,2016

What happens when a group of transit wonks ‘Play with Traffic’?

In a sunlit Crystal City penthouse, a few dozen transit wonks and software developers pondered a fundamental question: How can technology be used to improve our experience on the roads? The answers, derived amid a feast of pizza and soda, took various forms. Mostly, they involved sharing.
The Verge |
August 20,2016

Train to Nowhere: How Cincinnati tried, and failed, to build one of America’s first subways

"These rail services are expensive, quite frankly," Robert Puentes, president and CEO of the 95-year-old Eno Center for Transportation, told me. "They're expensive to build, they're expensive to operate, and when you do them right, they can have enormously positive implications on regional economies. And if you do them wrong, they can be a big white elephant."
Business Travel News |
August 15,2016

Former Transportation Secretary James Burnley on FAA Reauthorization

Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation James Burnley, who served during the last years of the Reagan administration and co-chairs law firm Venable's transportation practice, has been a longtime supporter of the air traffic control provision and spoke with BTN transportation editor Michael B. Baker.
The Guardian |
August 14,2016

Hyperloop and our misplaced love of futuristic technology

It’s generally easier to improve transport systems incrementally; Elon Musk’s Hyperloop is another idea that may captivate imaginations but fail to deliver
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