Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Wall Street Journal |
July 26,2016

Advocates Want More From MTA During Tunnel Shutdown

When the L train’s East River tunnel reopens in 2020, transit officials say New York City subway riders will enjoy more trains, reduced crowding and, at two stations, new entrances and elevators.
Washington Post |
July 25,2016

With L Train shutdown, New York’s subway copies Metro’s style

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that it will be shutting down L train service between Manhattan and Brooklyn to conduct tunnel repairs for a year and a half, starting in January 2019.
Bloomberg BNA |
July 19,2016

Republican Platform Slams Brakes on Transit Funding

's time to overturn the Obama administration's vision of investing in public transit options for densely populated urban areas and apply that revenue to projects that would expand the nation's roads and bridges, Donald Trump's Republican Party proposed.
Washington Post |
July 18,2016

Study says traffic has improved on some sections of the Capital Beltway, but don’t get excited

It may not feel like it to those sitting bumper-to-bumper every morning, searching Google Maps for an opening or tuning into talk radio for any sign of relief, but on portions of the Capital Beltway in Maryland, traffic has improved in recent years.
Washington Post |
July 18,2016

Pokémon Go crash is proof texting and driving has gone too far.

“It’s an enormous problem. About half a million people are killed or injured in accidents attributed to texting and driving." said Robert Puentes, president and chief executive of the Eno Center for Transportation.
U.S. News and World Report |
July 15,2016

A Tale of Two Airports

Lack of competition in the airline industry has reduced travel options in smaller and medium-size cities.
Huffington Post |
July 14,2016

Uber Moves A Little Closer To Public Transit’s Turf

Uber probably doesn’t pose a huge short-term threat to public transportation, said Robert Puentes, president and CEO of the nonprofit Eno Center for Transportation. “The relationship is more symbiotic than adversarial,” Puentes said.
WMAL Radio |
July 14,2016

Think Metro is Always on Fire? Feel the Heat on Chicago’s ‘L,’ says New Report

It may be surprising for Metro riders to hear, but a new report set to be released today indicates the WMATA system sees the second-fewest number of collisions, derailments, and fires per one billion passenger trips among the six biggest transit agencies in the U.S. The report is set to be detailed during today’s meeting of WMATA’s Board of Directors.
Marketplace |
July 11,2016

How low gas prices affect mass transit’s bottom line

One way to figure out what happens to public transit when gas prices fall? Analyze consumers’ credit and debit card bills.
Washington Post |
July 09,2016

Is the Silver Line to blame for all of Metro’s woes?

The largest infrastructure project ever built in the Washington region was more than a year late and more than $100 million over budget. But on July 26, 2014, all of that was forgotten. As the first Silver Line train pulled out of Wiehle-Reston East station, there were cheers and smiles.
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