Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Roll Call |
July 22,2021 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Bipartisan infrastructure talks said to be stuck on transit

That 80-20 split of new revenues was maintained when Congress raised the gas tax again in 1990 by five cents and again in 1993, when transit received 86 cents out of a 4.3 cent increase per gallon, said Jeff Davis of the Eno Center on Transportation. Currently, 2.86 cents per gallon of gasoline and diesel […]
Bozeman Daily Chronicle |
July 16,2021 | Fuel tax,Infrastructure

As electric vehicles take off, Washington considers how to tax them

The fuel tax “doesn’t come close to paying for all of the federal transportation spending,” said Robert Puentes, president of the Eno Center for Transportation. “There’s a concern that the transportation trust fund is unsustainable in the long term because of the shift away from internal combustion fuel vehicles.”Share
Reuters |
July 14,2021 | Buses,Emissions,Environment

Analysis: Electric bus maker BYD shows China complications in Biden climate push

“It’s very difficult with the current manufacturing infrastructure in this country and with BYD out of the process, to imagine getting this large fleet changeover anytime soon,” said Jeff Davis, a senior fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation, which tracks federal transit funding and policy.Share
Florida News Times |
July 13,2021 | Amtrak,Federal Funding,Infrastructure,Rail

Amtrak pushes 15-year plan to boost northeastern corridor

Jeff Davis, Senior Fellow of the Eno Center for Transportation, said he hopes that many of the Commission’s initial projects will be able to obtain the necessary funding. Share
Yahoo News |
July 08,2021 | Public health,Public transit

No end in sight for mask mandates on public transportation

Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, is uncertain when the demasking will happen. “No idea,” he said. Share
Roll Call |
July 01,2021 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

House passes $759B public works bill with elements of Biden plan

Jeff Davis of the Eno Center for Transportation said it’s unclear how both parties are counting the baseline, or what is currently being spent on the projects, to compare the different proposals. Share
Vox |
June 28,2021 | Infrastructure,Rail,Transit

Why does it cost so much to build things in America?

The Eno Center for Transportation painted a dismal picture in its recent report: On a per mile basis, America’s transit rail projects are some of the most expensive in the world. Share
WBEZ Chicago |
June 26,2021 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal may be a tough sell to the rest of Congress

“We’ve gotten polarized to the point that Republicans are the rural and ex-urban party and Democrats are the urban and inner suburban party,” says Jeff Davis of the non-partisan Eno Center on Transportation, a Washington, D.C., think tank. “And it’s very difficult these days to find a highway versus transit balance that can be acceptable […]
June 24,2021 | Infrastructure

What Democrats and Republicans want when they talk about infrastructure

Jeff Davis of the nonpartisan Eno Center on Transportation (ph) says that stance reflects the country’s bitter partisan divide. Share
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