Media Mentions

Media Mentions

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette |
April 30,2020

Your flight to LaGuardia is iffy, but Altoona is a lock

Jeff Davis discusses how government subsidies have kept short-hop flights in the air during the COVID-19 pandemic. Share
Lime |
April 30,2020

Lime Webinar: Preparing for the day after: How can micromobility get communities moving post-COVID-19?

Senior Policy Analyst Brianne Eby participated in a panel with Lime on the future of micromobility post-COVID-19. Share
MSN News |
April 25,2020

The suffocating crowded T of old won’t be returning anytime soon after the coronavirus lockdown ends

Eno’s President and CEO Robert Puentes offers perspective on how transit agencies might begin operations after the COVID-19 pandemic. Share
USA Today |
April 09,2020

“An essential service”: Amtrak, Greyhound continue routes despite coronavirus cases

Eno’s Paul Lewis addresses the lack of national directives to major transit operators on how to handle scheduling during the coronavirus pandemic. Share
The Washington Post |
March 25,2020

Coronavirus bill would provide $114 billion to prop up faltering transportation networks

Some details in the $2 trillion legislation were still being finalized but in a presentation Wednesday afternoon, Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, said he did not expect any changes to affect the final figures for transportation. Share
The Boston Globe |
March 25,2020

How New York’s spiraling coronavirus outbreak could affect Mass.

Eno’s President and CEO Robert Puentes discusses how the coronavirus outbreak in New York could affect neighboring areas. Share
Roll Call |
March 25,2020

Airlines get what they wanted in Senate stimulus negotiations

Eno’s Jeff Davis breaks down the funding for airlines in the coronavirus relief package. Share
DCist |
March 25,2020

How Much To Cut? Transit Agencies Try To Find The Right Balance Of Service During A Pandemic

Eno’s Paul Lewis discusses how transit agencies are trying to find a balance between not running empty busses and maintaining social distancing measures. Share
March 22,2020

COVID-19 fallout boosts outlook for long-term infrastructure funding

Jeff Davis contends that a long-term infrastructure bill is the wrong solution to a recession in which there is a short-term collapse of retail demand. Share
Seattle Times |
March 19,2020

Sound Transit, Metro facing big drops in funding as coronavirus downturn takes hold

Paul Lewis provides a national perspective about transit economic loss in relation to the Sound Transit region. Share
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