Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Bicycle Retailer |
August 11,2020

Pandemic boosts share-bike and scooter business

Eno’s Brianne Eby discusses how exposure to bike-sharing services often leads to bike ownership. Share
Transportation Today |
August 07,2020

Pandemic a time for transit innovation, panel says

This article covers our webinar on transit innovation during COVID-19, moderated by Eno’s President and CEO Robert Puentes. Share
Tunnel Business Magazine |
July 21,2020

Economic Panel Predicts Slow Recovery for Many Engineering Markets after COVID-19

Davis noted that while the federal side of spending for projects hasn’t been affected just yet, “there is also uncertainty in the ability of many state and local governments’ to produce matching funds.” Share
July 21,2020

COVID-19 Has Been ‘Apocalyptic’ for Public Transit. Will Congress Offer More Help?

“The CARES Act probably put a band-aid on the problem,” says Robert Puentes. Share
News 18 |
July 13,2020

Fully Autonomous Self-driving Cars May Take Years to Come, Experts Say Difficulties Ahead

We’re still a long way from a true Level 4 system, so the ‘very close to Level 5’ comment seems out of nowhere, especially given the reset people have had in recent years,” said Paul Lewis. Share
Technology Inquirer |
July 11,2020

Long road ahead for fully self-driving cars, despite Tesla claim

Paul Lewis said there was “tremendous excitement” several years ago about the potential for full autonomy, but it has since waned. Share
Hartford Courant |
July 05,2020

Coronavirus means we need to rethink our transportation needs.

Eno’s Senior Fellow Emil Frankel offers his perspectives on transportation in a post-COVID world. Share
The Star Tribune |
June 29,2020

As virus restrictions ease, Metro Transit wonders: Will riders come back?

Grossman notes that transit ridership has been declining for years — and that’s been the case at Metro Transit, too. Share
American Shipper |
June 19,2020

Truck stops join owner-operators in rejecting Dems’ highway bill

Jeff Davis told FreightWaves that he does not see the Democrats’ version of the bill making it through without major revisions, particularly regarding sections that attempt to address climate change. Share
Talking Headways |
June 18,2020

Talking Headways Podcast: Congestion Pricing in the United States

Eno’s Brianne Eby participated in a Talking Headways podcast to discuss Eno’s latest Congestion Pricing research report. Share
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