Media Mentions

Media Mentions

The Washington Post |
March 03,2021 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Funding & Finance,Governance

As Democrats bring back earmarks for transportation projects, billions of dollars from years ago sits unused

Eno’s Jeff Davis discusses the recent history of earmarks as Congress debates their reintroduction.Share
Roll Call |
February 23,2021 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

House Democrats prep changes to coronavirus relief package

Jeff Davis discusses the transportation aspects of the latest coronavirus relief package.Share
Bloomberg Law |
February 22,2021 | Electric Vehicles,Emissions,Environment

Long Road, Tough Choices Ahead for Biden Car-Charging Pledge

Robert Puentes discusses electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure expansion as a way reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Share
Bloomberg |
February 21,2021 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

Biden’s Economic Legacy at Stake as Next Package Takes Shape

“There’s a lot of appetite to do something this year,” said Jeff Davis. “But there seems to be no appetite to pay for it.”Share
The New York Times |
February 08,2021

For Buttigieg, ‘Generational’ Transportation Change May Not Be Easy, Experts Say

“I don’t think the Biden administration would have picked Pete Buttigieg if they wanted him to be quiet and stay in line,” said Eno’s Paul Lewis. Share
Upper Michigan Source |
February 02,2021

Mayor Pete confirmed as Secretary Buttigieg

“It’s clear that climate is going to be a major focus,” Robert Puentes said. Share
The New York Times |
January 27,2021

Buttigieg’s Climate Promises: What Could He Actually Do?

“When you start shifting funds around, some states start gaining and some states start losing,” said Mr. Lewis, of the Eno Center for Transportation. “That means huge reforms can face a prolonged political fight.”Share
Politco |
January 27,2021

Democrats renew fight for $15 minimum wage as Sanders vows passage

Jeff Davis  says using reconciliation for the minimum wage could run afoul of the Byrd rule, which limits what can move with the privileged procedure to provisions that produce changes to federal spending or revenue.Share
January 22,2021

Here’s What $4 Trillion In Infrastructure Spending Could Fix

As the Eno Center for Transportation’s Jeff Davis put it over email, this is “just a stupendous amount of money.”Share
Freight Waves |
January 19,2021

Can Joe Biden get infrastructure done in 2021?

“It’s doable, but the Democrats are not going to be able to reinvent the wheel” by including a lot of provisions not palpable to Republicans,” said Jeff Davis.Share
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