Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Vice News |
March 14,2022 | Federal Funding,Fuel tax,Infrastructure

Just How Bad of an Idea Is a Gas Tax Holiday?

“Since the Trust Fund ran out of money in 2008, instead of raising taxes or cutting spending, Congress has chosen the path of least resistance and transferred $272 billion from general revenues to the Trust Fund to keep the Trust Fund solvent,” Jeff Davis said. “So there is now  firm precedent for how to deal […]
The New York times |
March 13,2022 | Federal Funding,High-Speed Rail,Infrastructure

California’s Ambitious High-Speed Rail at a Crossroads

California’s high-speed rail will “get some federal funding now that there’s a Democratic administration in place and the infrastructure bill is done,” said Jeff Davis, a senior fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation, a nonpartisan research organization. “But the federal government is not in the business of creating massive infrastructure programs that disproportionately benefit […]
Marketplace |
March 09,2022 | Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Fuel tax

Why A Gas Tax Holiday Likely Wouldn’t Make a Big Difference At The Pump

And while savings at the pump may be relatively small, you could drive a Hummer through the hole it would leave in the federal infrastructure budget. “It would be about a $20 billion hit on the transportation trust fund,” said Robert Puentes, president of the Eno Center for Transportation. Share
Streetsblog USA |
March 01,2022 | Environment,Federal Governance,Highways,Infrastructure

For Pete’s Sake! Sec. Buttigieg Won’t Push Back on States that Ignore Equity, Climate Guidelines

The Federal Highway Administration guidelines are, in fact, advisories that are not legally binding, as Jeff Davis of the Eno Center for Transportation pointed out. Share
Sun-Sentinel |
February 20,2022 | Commuter Rail,Rail Safety,Railroads

As Brightline struggles with deadly accidents, what will future hold for South Florida rail expansion?

“It’s really in everyone’s interest to try to make sure this stops happening as soon as possible,” said Paul Lewis, policy director of the Eno Center for Transportation, an independent think tank in Washington, D.C. Share
The New York Times |
February 19,2022 | Highways,Infrastructure,Streets

One of the Infrastructure Plan’s Biggest Winners Is the Pavement You Drive On

Last April, after Mr. Biden unveiled a jobs plan that prioritized rebuilding roads and bridges, transportation groups began coordinating more closely. The mentality, said Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center, was “a rising tide lifts all boats.” He added, “They were all agreeing that more money was going to help everybody.” Share
NBC News |
February 14,2022 | Local governance,Public transit,Transit

Indianapolis looks to mass transit project to spur development in low-income area

“If done right, they do have the chance to be transformative,” Puentes said. “The Indianapolis project is one that a lot of people are paying attention to. It’s not a dense place and very sprawling, so a lot of folks are wondering if they can make it work there. It’s a very bold and ambitious […]
Route Fifty |
February 08,2022 | Bridges,Infrastructure,State Governance

Bridge Collapse Revives Criticism Over Using Road Dollars for Police

Jeff Davis, a senior fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation and the editor of the Eno Transportation Weekly, said that state funding for law enforcement from transportation has been remarkably stable. It is essentially unchanged since at least 1980, and probably further back. Share
Environment & Energy News |
February 04,2022 | Environment,Federal Funding,State Governance

How states could topple Biden’s Justice40 goals

Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, called Pollack’s letter “very unusual” — especially given the administration’s relatively limited input in the highway portion of the bill, which was substantially written before Biden took office. Share
ABC News |
January 24,2022 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

House Republicans Tout Infrastructure Funding They Voted Against

“You can see why the Obama administration insisted on signage” for projects funded by the American Recovery Act, Jeff Davis, a senior fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation, told ABC News. Share
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