Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Governing |
February 28,2023 | Buses,Local governance,Public transit

City Transit Systems Begin to Peer Over the Fiscal Cliff

“Cutting service is a feedback loop that makes everyone worse off,” Shrode says. “Even when you cut a significant amount of service, you aren’t going to fill that gap, because the costs to maintain the system are pretty fixed. Whether you’re running 10 trains an hour or 30 trains an hour, you’re still paying a […]
Yahoo News |
February 24,2023 | Freight rail,Rail Safety

Buttigieg Bashing Over Response to Ohio Derailment Turns Bipartisan

The Philadelphia Inquirer |
February 24,2023 | Buses,Public transit

Redrawing Philly’s bus system is hard. Here are lessons from cities that have done it.

Newsweek |
February 24,2023 | Freight rail,Rail Safety

Ohio Residents Say It’s ‘Absurd’ to Blame Donald Trump for Train Derailment

The Washington Post |
February 24,2023 | Freight,Freight rail,Rail Safety

Derailments aren’t uncommon, but hazmat spills are rare. Here’s what we know.

Roll Call |
February 06,2023 | Airlines,Aviation,Federal Governance

Biden May Call Out Airlines, Tout Infrastructure Funding at SOTU

Jeff Davis, senior fellow at think-tank Eno Center for Transportation, said that 2023 was already scheduled to be the “year of aviation policy” as Congress looks to pass Federal Aviation Administration authorization legislation before funding expires in September. Share
The Associated Press |
January 29,2023 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

Should Federal Grants Favor Highway Repair Over Expansion?

Jeff Davis, senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, said it’s already clear that the Biden administration plans to direct a greater share of its discretionary transportation funding to “non-highway projects” than the Trump administration did. However, with so much more total infrastructure money to work with, Davis said, “a rising tide lifts all […]
Fox News Radio |
January 28,2023 | Amtrak,Aviation,Commuter Rail

From Washington: President Biden’s Pick For New Chief Of Staff

President and CEO of Eno Center for Transportation and Brookings Metro Non-Resident Senior Fellow Robert Puentes discusses the current state of rail across the country, how the airline industry has lobbied against rail projects in the past, and why there’s public demand for more competition within the transportation sector today. Share
Streetsblog |
January 23,2023 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

Congress’s Messy ‘Fix-It-First’ Fight Heats Up

“Enactment of a CRA resolution doesn’t just overturn the rulemaking; it sows the earth with salt,” wrote Jeff Davis of Eno Transportation. “The CRA says that if a rule is overturned via CRA resolution, then not only is that rule dead, but the agency is forever barred from issuing any rule in ‘substantially the same form’ as the […]
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