Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Construction Dive |
August 26,2021 | Rail,Transit

US rail projects take longer, cost more than those in Europe

American rail projects with minimal tunneling take about six months longer to complete than similar non-U.S. projects, while all-underground construction can take nearly a year and a half longer to build than abroad, according to an analysis by the Eno Center for Transportation. Share |
August 23,2021 | Federal Funding,Highway Trust Fund,Infrastructure,Workforce development

Three things the infrastructure plan missed

It does include reauthorization of the HTF and a $118 billion bailout from the Treasury’s general fund to meet the needs of the nation’s highways, bringing the grand total of transfers to the HTF to $271.8 billion since 2008, according to Jeff Davis of the nonpartisan Eno Center for Transportation. Share
Roll Call |
August 20,2021 | Environment,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

DeFazio looks to try again on his progressive transportation agenda

But Jeff Davis of the Eno Center said the Byrd rule will also require that every dime of the committee’s $60 billion be spent by Sept. 30, 2031. Share
Slate Magazine |
August 19,2021 | Environment,Infrastructure,Transit

The perverse reason it’s easier to build new highways than new subways

“A transit agency is designed to operate transit, not build transit projects,” said Paul Lewis, the Eno Center’s director of policy. “And then once a decade we tell all the staff, ‘Go ahead and build a $3 billion megaproject.’ There’s not necessarily the support or staff in that agency.”Share
Yahoo! News |
August 19,2021 | Transportation Technology

Is the self-driving car doomed already?

Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation, said there’s both a technology problem and a problem of scale. Share
The Seattle Times |
August 17,2021 | Buses,Emissions,Environment,Federal Funding

Federal program to cut bus emissions gets a Senate mandate: Some buses must pollute

Still, the five-year total of nearly $107 billion for transit was about 65% above what was expected if spending remained flat in that period, according to Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation. Share
Action News Now |
August 15,2021 | Amtrak,Infrastructure,Rail

The infrastructure bill is more about maintaining train service than upgrading it

“Amtrak was set up to fail,” Robert Puentes, CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation told CNN Business. “It wasn’t designed to last as long as it has.” Share
The Christian Science Monitor |
August 11,2021 | Public transit,Traffic

How pandemic relocations are snarling in-demand suburbs

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, says Paul Lewis, vice president of policy and finance at the Eno Center for Transportation in Washington. “Working from home actually increases trips. People that work from home tend to make more trips during the day,” he says. Share
The New York Times |
August 11,2021 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Fact check: Just how big is the infrastructure package?

In a separate analysis, Jeff Davis, a senior fellow at the Eno Center for Transportation and the editor of Transportation Weekly, gauged the size of the infrastructure bill by using estimates from the Congressional Budget Office of the budget authority — or the amount of money Congress authorizes agencies to spend — provided by the bill. Share
Fast Company |
August 11,2021 | Highways & Streets,Infrastructure

The Senate infrastructure bill includes $1 billion to address devastation caused by freeways. Experts say it’s not enough

“It represents a new kind of program and something that hasn’t been part of the federal infrastructure policy framework before,” says Robert Puentes, president and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation, a Washington D.C. transportation policy center. Share
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