Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Smart Cities Dive |
March 21,2023 | Local governance,Regional governance

Cities See Hyperlocal ‘Activity Centers’ Key to Sustainable Growth, Less Car Dependency

“This is a model for concentrated future growth,” said Robert Puentes, president and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation. “It’s less about just concentrating [homes and jobs] so that people can use transit to get to those parts of the region, [and more about] trying to concentrate more of the work and play around […]
March 08,2023 | Air Traffic Control,Aircraft,Airlines,Aviation,Aviation Safety

FAA Under Fire For Recent Close Calls Between Planes

Jeff Davis explains to CNN the intricacies of the FAA, and what it means for fliers in 2023. Share
Insider |
March 01,2023 | Freight rail,Rail Safety

Pete Buttigieg’s presidential Hopes Make Him an Easy Target for Republicans — and his Slow Response in Ohio Gave Them Plenty of Ammo

“Because we’ve never had a secretary who had national political ambitions before, people are treating him a little more differently than they would a regular secretary of transportation,” Jeff Davis said. Share
TV Technology |
February 28,2023 | Aviation,Federal Governance

New Report Urges Reform of Spectrum-Allocation Process

“While the immediate crisis was averted, it exposed critical and interrelated gaps and failures in the process and policies used for efficiently allocating spectrum,” said Robert Puentes, president and CEO of Eno, who co-authored the report. Share
Governing |
February 28,2023 | Buses,Local governance,Public transit

City Transit Systems Begin to Peer Over the Fiscal Cliff

“Cutting service is a feedback loop that makes everyone worse off,” Shrode says. “Even when you cut a significant amount of service, you aren’t going to fill that gap, because the costs to maintain the system are pretty fixed. Whether you’re running 10 trains an hour or 30 trains an hour, you’re still paying a […]
Yahoo News |
February 24,2023 | Freight rail,Rail Safety

Buttigieg Bashing Over Response to Ohio Derailment Turns Bipartisan

The Philadelphia Inquirer |
February 24,2023 | Buses,Public transit

Redrawing Philly’s bus system is hard. Here are lessons from cities that have done it.

Newsweek |
February 24,2023 | Freight rail,Rail Safety

Ohio Residents Say It’s ‘Absurd’ to Blame Donald Trump for Train Derailment

The Washington Post |
February 24,2023 | Freight,Freight rail,Rail Safety

Derailments aren’t uncommon, but hazmat spills are rare. Here’s what we know.

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