Media Mentions

Media Mentions

Statesman |
October 01,2020

Pre-outbreak, Austin’s commute times kept growing in 2019

“Due to people living further and further away from the city, even though the amount of people commuting is going down, their commute times are going up,” Aevaz said. Share
CPR News |
September 29,2020 | FY21,Highway Trust Fund

Gardner Bill Pushes Long-Sought Eastern Plains Interstate. But Big Hurdles Remain

Gardner’s bill would not provide new funding for the highway. Designation is “just a way of attracting attention to the project and getting everyone to agree to prioritize it ahead of other state priorities,” said Jeff Davis.Share
September 24,2020

AUVSI Applauds Eno Center For Transportation’s Report on UAS Integration

“AUVSI shares the Eno Center’s goal for the safe and timely integration of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) into the national airspace.” Share
Transportation Today |
September 23,2020

Local Option Sales Tax ballot issues may be the way to fund future road projects

This article recaps an Eno webinar on Local Option Sales Taxes, which was moderated by Romic Aevaz. Share
CPR News |
September 17,2020

Will The Boulder RTD Train Ever Roll Into The Station? Here’s What We Know

“Having ridership compared to cost being that low would not necessarily disqualify it,” Davis said. “But it would be a hurdle you’d have to overcome.” Share
The Bond Buyer |
September 15,2020

Paying for infrastructure requires bipartisan approach

Infrastructure needs to ride into larger national priorities such as climate change or the pandemic, said Robert Puentes, president and CEO of the Eno Center for Transportation. Share
Transport Topics |
September 11,2020

Experts Stress Public Trust in AV Tech as E-Commerce Rises

This article provides an overview of a webinar the Eno Center for Transportation held with Matthew Lipka of Nuro and Alia Verloes of Steer, moderated by Eno’s Paul Lewis. Share
The American Prospect |
September 09,2020

Six Months Into the Pandemic, Transit Workers Are Still Dying—With No End in Sight

Lewis says that agencies need more guidelines on the compliance issue. “In a pandemic that’s spread through the air, yelling at certain passengers only escalates the situation and makes it more dangerous,” he said. Share
Reuters |
August 25,2020

Silent trains to masks: U.S. cities fight to revive public transport

“Agencies need to visibly clean vehicles and stations in front of people to reassure them,” said Eno’s Brianne Eby. Share
CNN Business |
August 24,2020

Plan to charge cars for driving into Manhattan is facing ‘unprecedented’ delays

Cities have seen other benefits such as fewer crashes and better access to public services, jobs and schools, according to a May report from the Eno Center for Transportation. Share
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