Media Mentions

Media Mentions

The Washington Post |
April 26,2021 | Budget,Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Opinion: Republicans make Biden an infrastructure offer he has to refuse

Republicans are actually proposing to cut public transit funding to levels below the existing baseline, according to calculations from Jeff Davis. Share
The Washington Post |
April 26,2021 | Budget,Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Apples to apples, the Senate GOP infrastructure proposal is smaller than it appears

Jeff Davis breaks down current federal infrastructure proposals from the Biden administration and the GOP. Share
The Washington Post |
April 23,2021 | Airports,Budget,Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure,Public transit,Railroads

Here’s how the GOP infrastructure plan stacks up against Biden’s transportation plans

Jeff Davis examined what Biden and Senate Republicans are proposing to spend on roads, transit, rail, airports and safety programs over five years, calculating the numbers at $720 billion and $437 billion, respectively. Share
E&E News |
April 15,2021 | Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

DeFazio: Members may get up to $20M each for earmarks

“Each member was told how much they would get [by leadership], and they were able to divide that up among their projects as they saw fit,” said Jeff Davis, who said that too often led to lawmakers spreading funding over multiple projects and leaving many short the dollars needed to be completed. Share
E&E News |
April 15,2021 | Electric Vehicles,Federal Funding

Biden wants to buy EVs. Are there enough cars?

“If the government invests in this, that shows this is a technology they have confidence in and is something that can work for the broader population,” said Eno’s Brianne Eby. Share
Politico |
April 07,2021 | Amtrak,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Say It Ain’t So, Amtrak Joe

Jeff Davis was surprised to see Amtrak’s 2035 Vision included a Minneapolis-Duluth line that former Minnesota congressman Jim Oberstar used to push when he chaired the House Transportation Committee. Share
Transport Topics |
April 07,2021 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

Stakeholders Advocate Action on Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

“It’s got a chance but threading the needle in a six vote majority House and a 50-50 Senate is awfully difficult and, if they’re able to do it, you know, it’s going to be an epic achievement,” said Jeff Davis. Share
The American Prospect |
April 02,2021 | Electric Vehicles,Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Charging Stations Could Drive Electric Vehicles Into a Wall

“I can’t see the federal government funding five different networks of different kinds of charging stations; it seems inefficient to me,” says Jeff Davis. Share
The New York Times |
April 02,2021 | Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure,USDOT

America Has Long Favored Cars Over Trains and Buses. Can Biden Change That?

“When a lot of money is raining down from the top, states and localities will do whatever they can to get that money,” said Paul Lewis.Share
The Philadelphia Inquirer |
March 31,2021 | Federal Funding,Governance,Highways,Public transit,Railroads

White House plan calls for large expansion of federal government’s role in transportation

The Biden administration is calling for $365 billion in highway spending, $189 billion for transit and $94 billion for rail over five years, according to an analysis by Jeff Davis. Share
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