Media Mentions

Media Mentions

The Day |
July 30,2022 | Buses,Public transit

With Buses Fare-Free, SEAT Ridership Rises

Philip Plotch, principal researcher at the Eno Center for Transportation, said public transit has benefits not only to the bus rider, but also the general public, which is the reason why governments subsidize buses and trains. Share
The Waterways Journal |
July 20,2022 | Infrastructure,Maritime,Ports

Waterborne Competitiveness Study Analyzes Global River Systems

Funding of the U.S. inland waterways system has gotten “a lot better over the past decade or two,” Lewis said. “The U.S. system is trending in the right direction, and so it’s a matter of making sure we continue that trajectory,” he said. Share
The American Prospect |
July 14,2022 | Buses,Commuter Rail,Public transit

Opting Out of Mass Transit?

In his analysis of the impact of remote work on transit, Phil Plotch, the Eno Center for Transportation’s principal researcher, argues that ridership may not return to pre-pandemic levels for at least another decade and observes that “perceptions about public safety are a serious challenge to increasing ridership.” Share
Marketplace |
July 13,2022 | Buses,Commuter Rail,Public transit

Public Transit Ridership is Slow to Return, Despite High Gas Prices

But that aid is finite, said Robert Puentes, who runs the Eno Center for Transportation in Washington, and agencies need to get creative to prove their value before it runs out. He said there’s “an awful lot” transit agencies can do to recapture riders and replace lost commuters. Share
FreightWaves |
June 24,2022 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure

Inflation Means Biden’s Infrastructure Package Gets Less Bang for the Buck

That means if states have several infrastructure projects lined up on which they want to begin construction at the same time, they may have to delay them, Davis told FreightWaves, adding that inflation could change both the number and timing of projects. “So while the states may know how much money they are receiving for […]
The Bond Buyer |
June 23,2022 | Federal Funding,Federal Governance,Infrastructure

Inflation Poses biggest threat to IIJA rollout: U.S. DOT official

“Externally our biggest headwind is the current economic environment,” said Katie Thomson, director of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Implementation at the U.S. Department of Transportation, speaking Wednesday during a webinar on the six-month anniversary of the IIJA hosted by the Eno Center on Transportation. Share
FreightWaves |
June 22,2022 | Federal Funding,Fuel tax,Highway Trust Fund

Biden Calls on Congress to Enact 3-month Gas Tax Holiday

“All this does is make the trust fund even more dependent on the general fund [for maintaining roads and bridges], as opposed to moving to user fees,” Jeff Davis, senior fellow with the Eno Center for Transportation, told FreightWaves. Share
Planetizen |
May 26,2022 | Federal Funding,Infrastructure,Maritime

$31 Billion ‘Ike Dike’ Hurricane Protection Project Moving Through Congress

“That $31 billion Texas project – $19.2 billion federal share, and $11.7 billion non-federal share – is, by far, the largest project authorization anyone can remember seeing in a WRDA bill, ever, by a long shot. If the bill is enacted, that project would, single-handedly, erase the $17 billion of progress made by the [Infrastructure […]
Marine Log |
May 24,2022 | Infrastructure,Maritime,Ports

How Does U.S. Waterways Competitiveness Stack Up in World Terms?

“Examining other countries reveals the significant advantages that the U.S. inland waterway system brings to exporters, the military, and the broader economy,” said Paul Lewis, Policy Director at the Eno Center for Transportation. “But it also highlights how important it is to monitor foreign investments in global rivers and sustain best practices for investment and […]
The Washington Post |
May 21,2022 | Leadership,Local governance,Public transit

Metro’s Recurring Problems Raise Questions About Oversight, Management

With most transportation systems, it is clear who is responsible, said Robert Puentes, president of the Eno Center for Transportation, a transportation think tank… “There is really not an agency that operates in an environment as complex as Metro,” Puentes said. “That’s not an excuse, but it’s something that the region struggles with.” Share
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