Media Mentions

Media Mentions

The New York Times |
April 02,2021 | Federal Budget,Federal Funding,Infrastructure,USDOT

America Has Long Favored Cars Over Trains and Buses. Can Biden Change That?

“When a lot of money is raining down from the top, states and localities will do whatever they can to get that money,” said Paul Lewis.Share
Bloomberg |
March 18,2021 | Federal Funding,Fuel tax,Governance

What’s Doable If Democrats Go It Alone on Infrastructure

Congress could tweak the rate of the motor fuels tax — the main source of money for the Highway Trust Fund — under reconciliation since it would affect revenue, said Jeff Davis.Share
Marketplace |
March 15,2021 | Environment,Federal Funding,Funding & Finance

Next on Democrats’ agenda, a “holistic” infrastructure bill

“Infrastructure is more of a long-term economic stimulus than a short-term economic stimulus, because capital programs like building infrastructure tend to spend out fairly slowly,” said Jeff Davis.Share
Transport Topics |
March 15,2021 | Governance,Highways,Transit

Proceed With Caution Regarding Transportation Earmarks, Stakeholders Say

Jeff Davis hopes lawmakers will tread cautiously. “I just hope they can restrain themselves,” he said.Share
The Washington Post |
March 11,2021 | Funding & Finance,Governance,Transit

Transportation gets a big boost in recovery package but still faces an uncertain future

Jeff Davis said funding in the new measure will provide transit agencies with enough money to weather the pandemic, providing a cushion as they adjust to commuting patterns that emerge as the United States begins its recovery.Share
Bloomberg Law |
March 11,2021 | Budget,Funding & Finance,Governance,Highway Trust Fund

Democrats to Struggle Going ‘Solo’ on Main Parts of Highway Bill

Jeff Davis said highway bills passed using regular order have been able to inject funding into the highway trust fund to keep it solvent. “But the downside is that everything in reconciliation has to be completely on the mandatory side of the scorecard, which means that you can’t really do any spending from the trust […]
Newsweek |
March 10,2021 | Funding & Finance,Infrastructure

Biden Turns Attention to $2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Now That COVID Stimulus Is Out Of The Way

“We haven’t made a lot of progress on big infrastructure projects in recent years,” said Rob Puentes. “There is a backlog of basic maintenance and repair needs.” Share
March 10,2021 | Electric Vehicles,Emissions,Environment

When It Comes To Clean Energy, USPS Delivery Trucks Don’t Yet Answer The Mail

While the Postal Service moves slowly toward adopting electric vehicles, Robert Puentes says Biden is on the right track in pushing for EVs. Share
The Washington Post |
March 08,2021 | Funding & Finance,Public transit,Transit

Federal covid relief package could lift Metro through pandemic budget problems

Jeff Davis discusses how the latest coronavirus relief package would give the nation’s 15 largest transit systems enough funding to make up nearly half of their annual operating budgetsShare
The Washington Post |
March 08,2021 | Airlines,Aviation Workforce,Federal Funding

Airlines, public transit agencies say $1.9 trillion relief plan would prevent deep cuts, job losses

Jeff Davis discusses industry survival measures while reviewing funding aspects of the latest coronavirus relief package.Share
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