Learning & Leadership Development Specialist (“LDS”) (Contractual)

Learning & Leadership Development Specialist (“LDS”) (Contractual)

About Eno:

Eno is an independent, non-partisan think-tank that shapes public debate on critical multimodal transportation issues and builds an innovative network of transportation professionals. The leader in our field for nearly a century, government and industry leaders rely on Eno for timely research and an independent voice on policy issues. Our professional development programs strengthen the leadership and practical skills of transportation professionals across the industry.

About Eno/MAX:

The EnoMAX program is a highly regarded collaboration among major transit agencies across the U.S. to promote best practices and galvanize innovation; deepen transportation industry knowledge; cultivate transit leadership bench strength;  and enhance peer networking among transit professionals.

About the Learning & Leadership Development Specialist Role:

A key component of the Eno/MAX program is the critical support provided by the Learning & Leadership Development Specialist (LDS). The LDS provides overall program support and guidance to program participants as they complete the rigorous yearlong program; collaborates with agency facilitators who oversee, coordinate, and direct the program at the agency level; and serves as a member of the Eno Team to ensure the EnoMAX program continues to exceed expectations and deliver value to its members and participants.

The LDS Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Attend all weeklong program sessions (up to 4 maximum) for one EnoMAX group, which can and will involve intercity travel, scheduled approximately every 6-8 weeks.
  2. Attend and assist with end-of-year agency facilitator planning and program review meeting (annual facilitator conference).
  3. Participate in the development, review, and critical assessment of program curricula and/or content as needed.
  4. Facilitate, lead, and/or deliver Eno-provided learning and professional development content, as agreed in advance.
  5. Serve as subject-matter-expert (SME) for program purpose, content, and structure.
  6. Exercise leadership and provide overall guidance and support to agency facilitators, to include on-site logistical support at the facilitators’ discretion.
  7. Assist with coordinating guest speakers and Eno-provided content for agency visits.
  8. Provide assistance to agency facilitators in the development and structuring of their program agendas and materials.
  9. Assist with planning and provide support for end-of-year program events such as graduation, Eno Week, business case presentations, etc.
  10. Collect, compile, analyze, and report on data collected during and after agency visits and provide information/feedback to agency facilitators and the Eno Team as required, to include end-of-year final reporting.
  11. Attend mandatory program/course webinars, Eno team meetings, etc., that will be scheduled between, or outside of, in-person program meetings.
  12. Coordinate and lead regularly scheduled conference calls for agency facilitators for assigned group throughout the program year.
  13. Advise Eno on the development of alumni activities.
  14. Other similar duties, as assigned.

The LDS should be willing to travel throughout the U.S.; have a passion for adult learning and leadership skills development; have strong competence in group and individual coaching methodology;  and be highly skilled in adult learning, organizational development, course facilitation and presenting publicly. The LDS should be able to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, and anticipate trends and impending change. Transportation experience is preferred, but not required.

To express interest in the position, send cover letter and resume/CV to ARobinson@enotrans.org by October 25, 2019.

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