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Public transportation is a critical part of the economic and social fabric of metropolitan areas. While most of the nation’s 2,400 transit providers serve rural areas, almost all transit trips occur in the nation’s 100 largest metro areas, which account for over 95 percent of all transit passenger miles traveled. Transit is also changing as agencies are exploring ways to redesign their networks, integration new mobility services, and ask voters to approve new investments at the ballot box.

2010 Transportation Weekly Archive Index

2010 Transportation Weekly Archive Index   January 2010   January 5, 2010 issue January 21, 2010 issue ...

2010 Election Results May Make GOP Less Supportive of Mass Transit

(Originally published in Transportation Weekly, November 18, 2010.) The Congressional midterm elections of two weeks ago have...

2009 Transportation Weekly Archive Index

2009 Transportation Weekly Archive   January 2009 January 13, 2009 issue – CBO releases dismal new budget forecast;...

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