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Aviation is part of the lifeblood of modern economies, moving people and goods around the nation and the globe. The American economy literally could not function without it and a tremendous collaborative effort of industry and government maintains the safest airspace in the world. But challenges remain as congestion and delays hinder airports and high-altitude traffic is guided by inefficient and old point-to-point, ground-based radar technology. At the same time, qualified workers needed to meet the global demands for air travel have grown increasingly scarce and new technologies like drones are challenging airline safety and security.

2009 Transportation Weekly Archive Index

2009 Transportation Weekly Archive   January 2009 January 13, 2009 issue – CBO releases dismal new budget forecast;...

Transportation Investment: New Insights in Economic Analysis

This is a PDF of the final report on a policy forum held by the Eno Transportation Foundation on February 23, 1999 in which 35...

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