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Aviation is part of the lifeblood of modern economies, moving people and goods around the nation and the globe. The American economy literally could not function without it and a tremendous collaborative effort of industry and government maintains the safest airspace in the world. But challenges remain as congestion and delays hinder airports and high-altitude traffic is guided by inefficient and old point-to-point, ground-based radar technology. At the same time, qualified workers needed to meet the global demands for air travel have grown increasingly scarce and new technologies like drones are challenging airline safety and security.

2014 Transportation Weekly Archive Index

2014 Transportation Weekly Archive Index   January 2014   January 13, 2014 update #1 January 13, 2014 update...

1982 STAA White House Enrolled Bill Memo

Series of memos and letters presented to President Reagan on January 6, 1983 expressing the views of the Administration on the enrolled...

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reform Reference Page

This page has now moved to the much easier-to-remember URL of www.enotrans.org/FAAreform so please click here to be taken to the...

1987 Inouye and Stevens statements on Their ATC Corporation Bill

May 6, 1987 statements in the Congressional Record by Senators Inouye and Stevens about their bill S. 1159, to establish a...

1987 Inouye-Stevens Air Traffic Control Corporation Bill

Text of the bill S. 1159 (100th Congress) introduced on May 6, 1987 by Senators Inouye and Stevens to establish the National Aviation...

A History of Aeronautical Radio, Inc. From 1929 to 1942

Undated monograph written by Paul Goldsborough.

FY 2016 USDOT Budget Estimates for the Office of the Secretary of Transportation

Detailed budget estimates for OST (which includes TIGER grants and Essential Air Service subsidies) for the FY 2016 budget request.

FY 2016 USDOT Budget Estimates for the Federal Aviation Administration

Detailed budget estimates for the FAA as part of their FY 2016 request.

FY 1976 USDOT Budget – White House Decision Meeting With President Ford

Briefing papers given to President Ford for his December 19, 1974 meeting with his Budget Director to make final decisions relating to...

2005 (Jun. 7) Letter From Sec. Mineta to SAFETEA Conferees

Letter from Secretary Mineta to House and Senate conferees on the SAFETEA surface transportation reauthorization bill defining the...

1950 Federal Airport Act Extension

Text of Public Law 846 of the 81st Congress, extending programs under the Federal Airport Act by five years.

1946 Federal Airport Act

Text of Public Law 377 of the 79th Congress, the Federal Airport Act of 1946.

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