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Week of May 20, 2019

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Nurturing Our Networks: An Op-Ed
May 21, 2019 – The future of transportation and our role in that future is rapidly changing. Three current forces are converging and helping to shift how we will travel in the future. The expectations and desires of drivers, technological advancements, and funding shortfalls are all pushing us towards major changes in the years ahead.
Freight, Highway Trust Fund, Trucking
Transportation Opportunities for a Green New (Infrastructure) Deal
May 23, 2019 – Last week, transportation and infrastructure professionals convened around the country to discuss priorities for a national infrastructure agenda… While many conversations touched on opportunities to invest in resilient infrastructure or efficient transportation systems, there was a notable absence of discussion about another current major proposal of national significance: the Green New [...]
Senate Republicans Make Earmark Ban Permanent
May 24, 2019 At a closed-door caucus meeting yesterday, Senate Republicans voted to make permanent their ban on allowing any of their GOP colleagues from requesting earmarks in spending, tax or tariff bills. The GOP had been adopting a conferen... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in below, or check [...]
Trends in International Travel Part 4: Conclusion
Eno conducted an analysis of the international market for air travel in November 2018 for the Japan International Transport Institute. This multi-part ETW series (part 1, part 2 & part 3) details some of the most interesting facts and findings of that work. Although the research does not predict the future or propose any recommendations, [...]
House Energy and Commerce Examines Its Own Infrastructure Bill
May 24, 2019 – “Infrastructure” means much more than just the public works that support transportation, and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce held a full committee hearing on the 2019 version of the Leading Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s America Act (LIFT) – providing funding for infrastructure programs under that panel’s very broad jurisdiction – [...]
Appropriations, FY19, Highways, Water
Bipartisan Deal Struck for Bill With $5.8 Billion in Emergency Transportation and Infrastructure Funding
May 24, 2019 Yesterday afternoon, Congressional leaders struck a deal with President Trump to expedite a $19.1 billion of disaster relief aid for victims of various hurricanes, wildfires, floods, typhoons, and earthquakes that have occurred over t... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in below, or check out our membership [...]
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