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Week of August 22, 2016

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Federal governance, Governance, Local governance, Public transit, Regional governance
Point/Counterpoint: MPO Consolidation, Round 2
This week, we have a second round of guest op-eds relating to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s proposed rulemaking that will have the effect of forcing the consolidation of many metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in metropolitan regions – from Steve Heminger of the San Francisco Bay area MPO, and from Carl Mikyska, head of the [...]
Federal governance, Governance, Local governance, Regional governance
Guest Op-Ed: Local MPOs Are Already Cooperating
MPOs accountable to local elected officials–who in turn answer to local voters—are best suited to represent the local transportation needs and concerns. We should work together to create a system that insures those local voices remain sufficiently local to understand local concerns, and yet are still heard at statewide and national levels. Working together we [...]
Automated vehicles, Bicycle, Environment, Public transit, Shared vehicles, TNCs, Traffic safety, Transit technology, Unmanned aerial systems
Capital Convergence: Innovation in Washington
The proliferation of mobile technology and the rapid acceleration of computer processing power have driven a renaissance of innovation across fields that have long remained static. This has led tech firms to set their sights on “moonshot” projects that propose grandiose solutions to our most pressing problems.
Aviation, Federal funding, Federal governance, Fuel tax, Governance, Highway Trust Fund
GAO: General Aviation Contributed Up to $2 Billion to HTF
August 24, 2016 The financial woes of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) are well known, with Congress having been forced to provide a net $144 billion in supplemental transfers from the general fund and elsewhere since 2008 just to keep the fund solven... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in [...]
Aviation workforce, Transit workforce, Trucking, Workforce development
The Infrastructure Opportunity
As we careen toward the November election, there does not seem to be much upon which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree. One of those very few things, however, is the opportunity to create good paying jobs by rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. And for good reason.
Amtrak, Rail, Railroads
Former Norfolk Southern CEO Moorman to Lead Amtrak
August 24, 2016 Amtrak announced last week that Charles “Wick” Moorman, the former CEO of Norfolk Southern, will become President and CEO of Amtrak effective September 1, 2016. Moorman, a graduate of Georgia Tech and Harvard Business School, wa... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in below, or check out [...]
Aircraft, Aviation, emissions, Environment, Federal governance, Governance
EPA Says It Can Set Fuel Efficiency Standards for Aircraft but Manufacturers Wait for ICAO
August 24, 2016 On July 25, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), operating under authority given to the agency in the Clear Air Act, determined that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from airplanes contribute to climate change, thus endangering... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in below, or check out our membership [...]
emissions, Environment, Federal governance, Governance, Highways
Highway Stakeholder Groups Oppose GHG Measurement for Highway Performance
August 24, 2016 On August 19, 2016, a coalition of 23 highway stakeholder groups submitted comments for the record (available here) to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in opposition to the idea of using greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as o... Sorry - you don't have access to this item. Please log in below, or check out [...]
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