February 06,2020

Webinar: Making the Grade: MDOT MTA’s Core Bus Performance Monitoring Program

Following the 2017 launch of BaltimoreLink, a complete network redesign of the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) Core Bus system, the MDOT MTA Office of...
January 28,2020

Webinar: Understanding How Women Travel

What are the needs and experiences of women traversing LA County? LA County Metro recently released a report, “Understanding How Women Travel,” in a first-of-its-kind effort to answer this...

Past Events

December 12,2019

Webinar: Implementing MaaS in Your Region: What We Know So Far

As an industry, we love talking about innovative solutions and how to bring in the next hottest trend or technology. Looking back on 2019, the hot topic was Mobility-as-Service (MaaS), but do you...
November 19,2019

Innovation Exchange: Mobility Data with Arlington and Chicago

With the explosion of shared mobility services across the globe, cities have begun to request and require access to data from private shared fleet operators deploying vehicles within their...
November 12,2019

Webinar: Contracting for Mobility

New privately-run mobility services are now ubiquitous in many urban regions. While these services are private ventures, companies and public entities can partner to deliver services that augment or...
November 21,2019

Webinar: Mobility as a Service: How to Share and Play Nice

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been a buzzing topic over the past few years. Interest in this movement has grown out of consumers and transportation providers recognizing that travel needs may not...
December 05,2019

Webinar: Implementing Change with WMATA

Transit agencies across the country are experiencing rapid change and innovation. In this Innovation Exchange, members of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Office of Strategic...
November 06,2019

Rapid-Response Webinar: Transportation at the Ballot Box 2019

On November 5, in addition to a slew of gubernatorial, state legislative, and mayoral elections, voters across 20 states will decide on over 100 transportation-related ballot measures totaling over...
November 07,2019

Webinar: Analyzing Bus Ridership Decline

Following six years of consecutive decline, bus ridership in the United States attained its lowest level ever recorded in history last year. In this webinar, Dr. Berrebi will explain reasons and...
October 24,2019

Webinar: Reforming America’s Transportation System

Transportation governance is a growing issue for modern transportation. State departments of transportation, transit agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and federal administrations are...
October 31,2019

Webinar: How the City of Minneapolis is Addressing Equity in Shared Mobility

Although advances in technology are giving people more options to move around than ever before, vulnerable residents, many of whom already face mobility barriers, find it difficult to access these...
October 02,2019

Refreshing the Status Quo: Federal Highway Programs and Funding Distribution

Each year, more than $45 billion in annual Federal highway funding today is distributed to states based on real-world metrics from 2007.  As Congress looks to reauthorize the FAST Act, Eno's newest...
October 16,2019

Webinar: So You Want To Integrate Zero Emissions Buses (ZEB) Into Your System?

Planning and integrating a zero-emissions bus fleet can be a daunting task. Good planning is integral to effectively deploying ZEBs and integrating them into an already existing system. Erik Bigelow...
October 08,2019

Mobility Data Sharing: How Cities are Using New Data for Policy and Planning

With the explosion of shared mobility services across the globe, cities have begun to request and require access to data from private shared fleet operators deploying vehicles within their...
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