December 14,2022

Webinar: The Key to Building Great Communities: Listening for Understanding

When Lynn Peterson began working as a transportation engineer, she was taught to evaluate roadway projects based only on metrics related to driver safety, allowable speed for the highest number of...
December 08,2022

Webinar: Micromobility Update: Taking Stock and Planning for the Future

Shared electric bikes and scooters have sprung up in several cities across the United States with a promise to fill the existing gaps in urban mobility systems and to transform how people travel....

Past Events

November 10,2022

Rapid Response Webinar: Ballot’s Up: An Analysis of Transportation Ballot Measures and Election Results

Vexed by transportation votes? Baffled by transit ballot measures? Curious what Election Day results mean for transportation legislating in Washington? Then don’t miss the latest in Eno’s...
September 29,2022

Webinar: On the Right Track: Rail Transit Project Delivery Around the World

Eno’s newest study builds the ongoing initiative to improve transit rail project delivery in the United States. In On the Right Track, we selected 10 countries from all over the world to conduct...
October 04,2022

Webinar: The Role of Technology in Modernizing Supply Chains

The freight transportation sector has always been a leader in leveraging new technologies to improve operational speed, efficiency, and safety. With domestic and global supply chains upended due to...
July 14,2022

Webinar: The Fast Lane to an EV Future

Electric vehicles play an important role in decreasing carbon emissions and advancing environmental goals. The Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act (IIJA) specifically provides $7.5 billion to...
June 22,2022

Webinar: The IIJA in Play: Six Months Later

In November 2021, President Biden signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the single largest infrastructure spending bill in American history. But with so many opportunities,...
June 16,2022

Webinar: Planning for People: The History and Future of Inclusive Transit Planning

Who was transit built for? For what purpose? And how has that approach changed? Join Eno for a webinar that will answer these questions and more on the past, present, and future of designing transit...
June 07,2022

Webinar: Waterborne Competitiveness: Comparing U.S. and Foreign Inland Waterways

The 12,000-mile inland waterways network in the United States is a vital trade corridor serving energy, agriculture, and other freight shipments internally and for export. Major global events like...
May 26,2022

Webinar: What is next for MOD: Lessons from Los Angeles’ MOD Pilot During COVID

In January 2019, LA Metro launched a first-mile, last-mile mobility on demand (MOD) pilot with Via, offering shared rides to and from select rail transit stations. LA Metro and their partner research...
April 26,2022

Webinar: Transit Strategies to Meet Climate Goals

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, which account for 29 percent of total emissions in the United States, is going to take a multifaceted approach. Leveraging public transit...
April 01,2022

Webinar: Eyes in the Skies: How The Ukrainian Crisis Affects Aviation

The war in Ukraine has touched almost every corner of the world in almost as many ways. From parts availability to rising oil prices, it's clear that what happens in one part of the world can have...
May 05,2022

Webinar: Reforming Governance to Transform Cities

Cities own the streets that transit agencies need for their bus lanes. Regions often lack a coordinated entity to oversee implementation of road pricing. Freight rolling off a regional port hub is...
March 10,2022

Rapid Response Webinar: A Debrief on the Omnibus Appropriations Package

Congress may have just released the text of its $1.5 trillion omnibus appropriations package, but Jeff Davis already has you covered for all your transportation update needs. In this Rapid...
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