Past Events

October 07,2021

Webinar: Safer Railroading: A Discussion About Targeted Safety Policy

This webinar discusses the findings from Eno's report: Safer Railroading: A Guide Toward Targeted Safety Policy. According to Eno's newest report, railroads are among the safest modes of...
November 04,2021

Webinar: A New Paradigm for Rail Planning, Funding, & Implementation

In July 2021, the Northeast Corridor Commission released CONNECT NEC 2035 (C35), the most ambitious reinvestment program in the Northeast Corridor’s history and a new way of planning: a...
January 19,2022

Webinar: Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of US and Canadian Transit

Christof Spieler has recently released the second edition of his wildly popular book Trains, Buses, People. Christof’s new book now covers eight Canadian cities and two new U.S. cities. His...
October 12,2021

Webinar: A Model for Next-Level Interstate Collaboration with the Port Authority of NY and NJ

Created by an Act of Congress in 1921, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's mission is to oversee the creation of vital infrastructure to serve the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region....
September 08,2021

Webinar: Guiding the New UAS Industry to Safety Excellence

The aviation industry and regulators are achieving many notable successes in creating effective policies to facilitate the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Uncrewed Aircraft Systems, or UAS)...
December 08,2021

Webinar: Redesigning Transit Networks for the New Mobility Future

Bus network redesigns have been a major trend in public transit over the past several years, in part due to the availability of much better data to use for planning purposes and the recognition that...
August 02,2021

Rapid Response Webinar: What’s in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill for Transportation?

The 2,702-page bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes a full surface transportation reauthorization bill and a $180+ billion supplemental appropriation for the U.S. Department of...
August 19,2021

Webinar: Saving Time and Making Cents: A Blueprint for Building Better Transit

This webinar offers one AICP Certification Maintenance credit. Click here for instructions on how to submit this event for credits.     To read the report and access the database,...
September 15,2021

Centennial Institute

Convening Transportation Professionals to Learn and Connect Throughout the COVID pandemic, Eno has been a trusted source of information and ideas. In May 2020, we launched our popular Road...
July 20,2021

Webinar: AMA on Eno’s Martin Wachs Memorial Essay Contest

Eno is proud to announce the Martin Wachs Memorial Centennial Essay Contest. Get published, win prizes, and build your reputation as an expert! We are looking for leaders to share their thoughts...
October 05,2021

Webinar: Women at the Helm 2.0

This webinar offers one AICP Certification Maintenance credit. Click here for instructions on how to submit this event for credits.   By popular demand, Eno is excited to host Women at the...
August 11,2021

Webinar: The New Mobilities: Smart Planning for Emerging Transportation Technologies

New transportation technologies are coming online faster than ever. While many of these emerging technologies are helping to expand our world, they need to be evaluated critically. Todd Litman,...
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