• December 10,2020

    Webinar: Environmental (in)Justice During COVID-19

    In this webinar, we will address the harm inflicted upon minorities, low-income, rural, and tribal populations through disproportionate exposure to transportation-based elements in their environments that disparately impact health and quality of life. Veronica McBeth from Kittelson & Associates...

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  • December 16,2020

    Webinar: Transit Governance Reform: Examples from Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Boston

    There is no one perfect model for public transit governance and finance in the United States. However, in several places, officials are reexamining how decisions about investments and operations are made and whether they respond to the needs of transit riders and workers and the local economy....

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Past Events

  • November 19,2020

    Webinar: Toward Universal Access

  • November 17,2020

    Webinar: Reimagining Regulations for a Changing Mobility Landscape

  • October 28,2020

    Webinar: Transportation at the Ballot Box: CalTrain Sales Tax Measure

  • October 22,2020

    Eno Thursday Transportation Trivia (T3) Night

  • October 22,2020

    Webinar: Transportation at the Ballot Box: Austin’s Project Connect

  • October 21,2020

    Webinar: What Counts in Mobility? Rethinking Transportation Modeling

  • October 15,2020

    Webinar: A Century of Fighting Traffic Congestion in Los Angeles

  • October 09,2020

    Webinar: Transportation at the Ballot Box: Portland’s Get Moving 2020 Initiative

  • September 30,2020

    Webinar: MOD Fare Integration for Transit

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