• November 18,2019

    2020 Transit Mid-Manager Program Application

    This 4.5 day course is intended for second-level managers at transit properties, FTA, and vendors to transit operators. It provides an introduction to leadership and management skills. HOW TO APPLY   CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION FORM All required application materials for each applicant...

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  • November 19,2019

    Innovation Exchange: Mobility Data with Arlington and Chicago

    With the explosion of shared mobility services across the globe, cities have begun to request and require access to data from private shared fleet operators deploying vehicles within their boundaries. These private companies are amassing large amounts of data on when, where, and how people are...

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Other Upcoming Events:

  • November 21,2019

    Webinar: Mobility as a Service: How to Share and Play Nice

  • December 05,2019

    Innovation Exchange: Implementing Change with WMATA

Past Events

  • November 13,2019

    Aviation Working Group (By Invitation)

  • November 12,2019

    Webinar: Contracting for Mobility

  • November 07,2019

    Webinar: Analyzing Bus Ridership Decline

  • November 06,2019

    2019 Transit Mid Manager Seminar: Level II

  • November 06,2019

    Rapid-Response Webinar: Transportation at the Ballot Box 2019

  • October 31,2019

    Webinar: How the City of Minneapolis is Addressing Equity in Shared Mobility

  • October 29,2019

    Leadership Webinar Series Featuring Beverly Scott, PhD

  • October 24,2019

    Webinar: Reforming America’s Transportation System

  • October 16,2019

    Webinar: So You Want To Integrate Zero Emissions Buses (ZEB) Into Your System?

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