• June 29,2021

    Webinar: Leveraging Transit Data: Best Practices for Data Management and Sharing

    Transit agencies collect a wealth of data on their systems and how riders use and experience them. As transit ridership begins to recover from the pandemic, agencies are leveraging this data to provide more information to customers, make decisions about how their services can evolve, and to support...

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  • July 08,2021

    Webinar: COVID-19 Mobility Adaptations: Building a Knowledge Base for New Practices

    With the COVID-19 pandemic came a rapid increase in demand for safe, physically distant space for walking and cycling. Thousands of cities around the world responded by rolling out new active mobility infrastructure in existing roadways. While the pace and scale of these adaptations have been...

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Other Upcoming Events:

  • August 24,2021

    Webinar: Sharing the Sidewalk with Robots: Personal Delivery Device Technology and Policy

Past Events

  • June 03,2021

    Webinar: Women at the Helm

  • May 13,2021

    Webinar: A Budding Model: Los Angeles’s Flower Street Bus Lane

  • May 05,2021

    Webinar: Improving Access for All: Bringing On-Demand Technology to Paratransit

  • April 29,2021

    Webinar: Lessons Learned from the Mobility on Demand Pilots in the Los Angeles and Puget Sound Regions

  • April 13,2021

    Webinar: Bus Electrification: The Role Agencies Can Play in Workforce Equity

  • April 01,2021

    Rapid Response Webinar: Biden’s American Jobs Plan and Transportation

  • March 25,2021

    Webinar: Form and Function: The Role and Future of Complete Streets Post-COVID

  • February 18,2021

    Workshop: Everything You Need to Know About Surface Transportation Funding and Policy

  • January 28,2021

    Webinar: Introducing Platform-Based Approaches to Public Transit

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