• November 06,2019

    2019 Transit Mid Manager Seminar: Level II

    The class will be held November 6th -8th, 2019 in Atlanta, GA at the MARTA headquarters, 2424 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324. Breakfast, lunch, and one dinner are included in the tuition fee. For planning purposes, a welcome dinner will be hosted on Tuesday, November 5th at 6:00pm, class begins...

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  • September 25,2019

    Webinar: From Yellow to Green: Reducing School Transportation’s Impact on the Environment

    The primary goal of every school transportation system is getting students to school safely and on time each day. To do so, America’s fleet of roughly 480,000 school buses drives nearly 3.5 billion miles every year. More than half of students also travel to school in personal vehicles,...

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Other Upcoming Events:

  • October 03,2019

    Congestion Pricing Study Tour (By Invitation)

  • October 08,2019

    Mobility Data Sharing: How Cities are Using New Data for Policy and Planning

  • October 16,2019

    Webinar: So You Want To Integrate Zero Emissions Buses (ZEB) Into Your System?

  • October 29,2019

    Leadership Webinar Series with Beverly Scott

  • November 13,2019

    Aviation Working Group (By Invitation)

  • March 01,2020

    2020 Transit Senior Executive Program

Past Events

  • August 13,2019

    Innovation Exchange: “Part 2: Microtransit 2.0” – From Pilot to Transit System Integration

  • July 31,2019

    Webinar: “Part 1: Microtransit 2.0” – From Pilot to Transit System Integration

  • July 11,2019

    Webinar: Transportation in the Age of Biometrics

  • June 25,2019

    Webinar: Beyond Speculation 2.0

  • June 06,2019

    Leadership Awards Reception

  • May 21,2019

    Webinar: Legal Regulation of Bikes, E-bikes, and Scooters

  • May 15,2019

    Eno at Infrastructure Week

  • May 13,2019

    Eno at Infrastructure Week: Webinar Series

  • May 07,2019

    Innovation Exchange on Strategic Partnerships in Transit

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