• July 09,2020

    Webinar: Why Transit Agencies Need the Public to Take Ownership of the Transit Experience

    In this webinar, Saba Long and Alice Grossman will talk about why transportation organizations should invite the public to take an active role in improving public transportation. Participants will hear from Saba about how the MARTA Army, a volunteer-led effort, is helping to make transit in Atlanta...

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  • July 14,2020

    Webinar: Automated Vehicle Technology, Public Policy, and BMW's Level 3 AV System

    While much of the transportation-related news has been focused on COVID-19 recovery, automated vehicle technologies are quietly progressing behind the scenes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) recently posted a new Voluntary Safety Self Assessment for BMW's Level 3...

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Other Upcoming Events:

  • November 12,2020

    Eno Leadership Awards Reception

Past Events

  • July 01,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: More Than Meets the Eye: Density and Transportation During COVID-19

  • June 30,2020

    Webinar: Empowering a Resilient Transit Workforce

  • June 24,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: Behavioral Science 101: How Human Decision-Making Will Affect the Post-COVID World

  • June 23,2020

    Webinar: Mobility Innovations: Rethinking Transit During and After COVID-19

  • June 17,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: The Federal Role in Transit’s COVID Recovery

  • June 10,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: Ed Emmett

  • June 05,2020

    Rapid Response Webinar: The House Surface Transportation Bill: Initial Overview

  • June 03,2020

    Road to Recovery Webinar: Jennifer Aument

  • May 28,2020

    Webinar: Congestion Pricing in the United States

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