Webinar: Safer Railroading: A Discussion About Targeted Safety Policy

Webinar: Safer Railroading: A Discussion About Targeted Safety Policy

October 07, 2021 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET

This webinar discusses the findings from Eno’s report: Safer Railroading: A Guide Toward Targeted Safety Policy.

According to Eno’s newest report, railroads are among the safest modes of transportation for workers, riders, and the public. Strong federal standards for railroad track and operations, technological investments like positive train control, and communities’ infrastructure improvements have yielded significant gains. But most of these gains have plateaued and in some cases safety trends are moving in the wrong direction. A new strategy and framework is needed to address the most significant safety issues facing railroads. Join us for a discussion with the industry’s leading safety experts to explore trends in railroad safety data and actionable recommendations for federal, state, local, and private sector actors to make a demonstrable improvement in railroad safety.

This webinar will include a presentation of the findings of Eno’s report, “Safer Railroading: A Guide Toward Targeted Safety Policy” and a discussion with industry guest speakers.

Watch the Recording:

Chuck Baker, President, American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association
Brenda Moscoso, Assistant Vice President, Safety Policy and Analysis, Association of American Railroads
Steve Predmore, Executive Vice President and Chief Safety Officer, Amtrak
Paul Lewis, Chief Finance Officer and Policy Director, Eno Center for Transportation

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