Webinar: Redesigning Transit Networks for the New Mobility Future

Webinar: Redesigning Transit Networks for the New Mobility Future

December 08, 2021 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET

Bus network redesigns have been a major trend in public transit over the past several years, in part due to the availability of much better data to use for planning purposes and the recognition that the bus can play a big role in improving mobility. In the past few years, with the rise in app-based transportation network companies (TNCs) and microtransit providers, bus network redesigns have begun to consider how these modes can complement bus service. Join us to uncover best practices from transit agencies across the country about how to conduct a bus network redesign and to learn how new mobility options can be integrated into the network redesign process.

Lora Byala, Founder, President, and CEO, Foursquare ITP
Shana Johnson, Vice President of Service Delivery & Project Manager, Foursquare ITP
Brianne Eby, Senior Policy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation

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Lora Byala, AICP founded Foursquare ITP in 2006 and leads the company in its strategic direction and culture. She is a recognized expert in transit planning, transportation strategic planning, and performance measurement. She has nearly 25 years of experience in the transportation field, leading and conducting studies including regional transportation plans, transit development plans, and bus priority planning. Lora emphasizes the value of input from a variety of stakeholders and works to develop inclusive plans through collaboration and a team-based approach to all her work. She has led Foursquare ITP’s major roles on several high visibility studies, including BaltimoreLink, a complete system redesign for Baltimore’s bus system; the Bus Transformation Project, a strategic vision for the future of bus in the Washington, D.C. region; and the Transit Transformation Project in the Hampton Roads, VA region. Lora has also led several transit research studies for the Transit Cooperative Research Program and is an active member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) committee on Bus Transit Systems.

Shana Johnson, AICP (she/her) is a Vice President of Service Delivery & Project Manager, as well as Foursquare ITP’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM), Shared Mobility, and Parking Practice Lead. Shana is also one of the nation’s foremost experts on strategic planning for both policy and programs in transportation demand management, and she strongly believes that TDM policies are a critical element of managing the transition to the shared mobility future. She also has significant experience in long-range, regional, and multi-modal planning, strategic planning, transportation research, financial and capital planning, transportation equity, and active transportation. In her diverse experience she has led strategic, analytical, and program implementation planning efforts for a wide range of agencies. Among the projects Shana has led are a policy-focused TDM strategic plan for Atlanta, overseeing the operations of the District’s goDCgo TDM program, using qualitative and qualitative research methods to examine the relationship between Northeast Corridor rail and regional economic development, managing the development of transportation needs and recommendations for the Staunton District for Virginia’s statewide transportation plan, and managing the first ever bikeshare development plan for Arlington County, Virginia.

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