Webinar: Lessons Learned from the Mobility on Demand Pilots in the Los Angeles and Puget Sound Regions

Webinar: Lessons Learned from the Mobility on Demand Pilots in the Los Angeles and Puget Sound Regions

April 29, 2021 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, King County Metro, and Sound Transit have been piloting mobility on demand (MOD) services to provide enhanced access to rail stations. Eno recent released three papers that comprehensively review the data and results of these pilots’ pre-pandemic services. On this webinar, learn from researchers at UCLA, University of Oregon, the University of Washington, and Eno about how did the MOD services work, whom did they serve, and where did this service primarily take place. The presentation will conclude with key recommendations for other agencies considering launching a MOD pilot.

Mark Hallenbeck, Director of the Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC), University of Washington
Michael Manville, Associate Professor of Urban Planning, University of California, Los Angeles
Anne Brown, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
Paul Lewis, Vice President of Policy and Finance, Eno Center for Transportation

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Mark Hallenbeck is the director of the Washington State Transportation Center (TRAC) at the University of Washington. Mark has been with TRAC for over 32 years. Much of Mark’s research involves the collection, use, summarization, and reporting of data that describe transportation system use and performance, and then using that information to work with the public and decision makers as they make major transportation and land use investment decisions.

Michael Manville is Associate Professor of Urban Planning at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Both his research and teaching focus on the relationships between transportation and land use, and on local public finance. Much of his research concerns the tendency of local governments to hide the costs of driving in the property market, through land use restrictions intended to fight traffic congestion. These land use laws only sometimes reduce congestion, and can profoundly influence the supply and price of housing.

Anne Brown is an Assistant Professor in the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management at the University of Oregon. Her research examines the intersection of equity, shared mobility, and travel behavior. Anne holds a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA.

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