Webinar: Geofencing and the Potential of Connected Vehicles

Webinar: Geofencing and the Potential of Connected Vehicles

May 12, 2020 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm ET

Full obedience of traffic rules and regulations and the ability to dynamically change them, depending on the current situation in a city or on a motorway, would enable a completely new toolbox for traffic planners. In Sweden, dynamic environmental zones that are triggered by thresholds in air pollution or digitally-enforced speed regulations outside schools are currently be tested. To a large extent, the technology is already available and the Swedish Transport Administration is working together with the city of Gothenburg and Stockholm to develop the ability to deliver traffic rules and regulations digitally to connected vehicles through a national road database. This webinar will discuss current and future applications of geofencing technology and what capabilities that will be needed from transport authorities in order to make full use of its potential.

Johannes Berg, Senior Adviser for Digitalization of the Transport System, Swedish Transport Administration
Alice Grossman, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation

Johannes Berg is Program Manager for a four-year R&D platform on geofencing at the Swedish Transport Administration. The platform gathers key actors from the public sector, car industry, tech industry, and academia with the aim of promoting a full-scale implementation of geofencing in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Johannes previously served as Project Manager for Smart City projects in the city of Stockholm and as a Senior Adviser at the ministry of enterprises expert authority Transport Analysis, where he initiated the first Swedish simulations studies on the impacts of autonomous vehicles.

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