Eno at Infrastructure Week: Webinar Series

Eno at Infrastructure Week: Webinar Series

May 13, 2019 to May 17, 2019 All Day

Smarter Cities and Intelligent Transportation Through Breakthrough Technology

When: 4:00pm ET, Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Where: Via webinar

In today’s vastly interconnected world, how can breakthrough technology such as the Internet of Things (IOT) and the new burgeoning 5G network, not only make our cities smarter but transportation networks more efficient and intelligent?

Join Eno and Intel Corporation’s Global General Manager, IOT, Sameer Sharma, as we discuss the ways that breakthrough technology can improve our urban transportation ecosystem.

Sameer Sharma, Global General Manager, IOT, Intel Corporation 

Sameer Sharma is the Global General Manager for IOT Solutions at Intel Corporation, where he leads global team of Smart Cities and IOT experts that incubate and grow business models and develop solutions for the establishment of smart cities worldwide. With solutions like Smart Lighting, AI+Video, and Intelligent Transportation being deployed by Sameer’s team, these tools have provided a wealth of data to local governments in order to better the standard of living for citizens, while providing environmentally conscious benefits as well.

Webinar Recording-
May 15, 2019

Rebuilding Bridges – Turning an Urban Disaster Into an Infrastructure Success Story

When: 1:00pm ET, Thursday, May 16, 2019
Where: Via webinar


On March 30, 2017 a fire under the I-85 bridge in the City of Atlanta caused the interstate bridge to collapse. Following the collapse, the Governor announced a State of Emergency, and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) began the recovery process with $10 million authorized from FHWA as emergency relief funds.  Six weeks and $16.6 million dollars later, the bridge re-opened for the approximately 243,000 daily weekday trips.

In this webinar, GDOT’s Chief Engineer, Meg Pirkle, will discuss the contracting and implementation process of this speedy project delivery of a major urban highway with local and national economy implications.

Alice Grossman PhD, Senior Policy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation
Meg Pirkle, Chief Engineer, Georgia Department of Transportation

In her capacity as Chief Engineer for Georgia’s Department of Transportation (GDOT), Meg Pirkle manages the engineering, construction, operations, and intermodal divisions of GDOT among others. With thirty years of experience on her belt, Meg Pirkle has established herself as a versatile professional with diverse experience ranging from operations to program management.

Webinar Recording-
May 16, 2019

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