Aviation Working Group (By Invitation)

Aviation Working Group (By Invitation)

November 13, 2019 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Eno’s Aviation Working Group is a standing advisory group on all matters relating to aviation policy. The group provides Eno staff with insights, knowledge, feedback, and guidance on how to approach some of the most challenging contemporary aviation issues. The goal of the group  is to

(1) educate the public at large as well as policy makers as to the importance of the aviation industry to the U.S. economy;

(2) identify the roadblocks to progress, innovation, and modernization; and

(3) propose bold, pragmatic policy solutions to help tackle those challenges.

The fall meeting will focus on Eno’s current project on UAS Integration. Eno is researching alternatives for certifying and integrating unmanned aerial systems  into the national airspace system and crafting clear and actionable policy recommendations for a path forward.

For a list of Aviation Working Group members, please see the list on the sidebar of the Aviation issue page.

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